Recommended Immunizations

The U.S. is experiencing the worst measles outbreak in 25 years, including several outbreaks at universities. Measles is so contagious that just one person with the disease is considered an outbreak, and 90 percent of the unvaccinated contacts of one person with the disease will become infected.  

In the event of an outbreak, students who have been exposed will be asked to quarantine for as long as 28 days unless they can show they were already immunized or have immunity to the disease.

Most people in the U.S. were immunized as children, though rules on exemptions to immunizations vary from state to state. You can help ensure your education is not interrupted by submitting information about your immunizations and the dates you received them:

At least one dose of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)

In addition, USU encourages you to submit dates for the following immunizations:

  • Polio
  • TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis)
  • Varicella

After foreign travel or foreign residence for more than eight weeks, you should have a TB skin test to ensure you were are not infected with tuberculosis.

How to Enter Your Immunization Information

Visit to enter the dates you received vaccinations.

You are also encouraged to keep a copy of your immunization records at your campus residence in case of an outbreak.

If you have not received immunizations, or they are not up-to-date, contact your local health department or primary care medical provider. You may also contact the Student Health and Wellness Center at 435 797-1660 to learn how to be immunized.

If you were immunized in Utah, visit Utah Department of Health to request your records.

Immunizations Waiver Request Form

Other Immunizations

Other recommended immunizations include: Hepatitis B (3 dose series), Hepatitis A (2 dose series), Meningitis (1 dose every 10 years), Influenza (annual), and HPV (3 dose series).