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Welcome to the Aggie Family!

Fall 2019 Students Finish Modules Here

Spring 2020 New Students

Module 1: Pre-Registration | Opens October 8*

Covers all the preparations you can start now. Learn how much USU will cost and how to do the FAFSA, among other things.

Module 2: Registration | Opens October 21* 

Covers everything you need to know to select classes and register for them. Learn how your previously-earned credits apply at USU, know what classes you should take, and how to register yourself for classes.

Module 3: Aggie Orientation | Opens December 2 | Completion Deadline* December 13

Aggie Orientation covers all the preparations you need to make in December.

Module 4: Pre-Semester | Opens December 16 | Completion Deadline* January 6

Covers all the last-minute details you need to know before the semester begins.

Module 5: First Semester | Opens January 13 | Completion Deadline February 1

Covers all the things you need to know during your first semester. Learn essential campus safety information, mental health resources, and much more.

*Students on a leave for mission or military service can catch up with all modules when they return, even if that is very close to the start of the semester.

Setting your Password and retrieving your A-Number

Make sure you do this before you start your New Student Orientation.

Setting up your Password »

Spring 2020 Modules Opens October 8

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New Student Orientation

We will see you back here every few months to complete the modules as they open.