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Welcome Aggie Parents!

We are excited to welcome your student to Utah State University, and we realize that this will be an adjustment for your entire family! We have created resources specifically to help you feel more comfortable and prepared for your student to begin life as an Aggie.

Acting on Behalf of a Student on Deferment - New Student Orientation

If you are a delegate that will be registering or acting on behalf of your student, who is currently deferred; we have many resources to help you do this.

In-Person Parent Orientation (Concurrent with On-Campus Aggie Orientation)

If your student comes to campus for Aggie Orientation, you have the opportunity to attend our separate parent orientation program at the same time. For more information about Parent Orientation, or to sign up, click below.

Here are some quick definitions:

Delegate: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act protects the academic information of USU students. In order to work on behalf of your student, they must first give you permission. This is done through The student will log in with their A-Number and Password, then click on the delegate link. There they will add you or anyone else they would like to authorize. 

New Student Orientation: New Student Orientation refers to our five-module online orientation system. These five modules are designed to give students all of the information they need to begin at USU. Every new student must complete all five modules. Parents are welcome to assist their student if they are an authorized 'delegate'. 

Aggie Orientation: Don't get this confused with New Student Orientation (see above definition). Aggie Orientation is the third module of the New Student Orientation system. This is completed ON CAMPUS by most students, and includes A-Team (student orientation leaders), guided activities, guest speakers, information booths, lunch and more! For those who live more than 300 miles away (or 4 hours), there is an ONLINE option for Aggie Orientation. If your student attends on campus, we encourage you to come to the concurrent Parent Orientation program.