Parent Handbook 2023-2024

Dear Aggie Parent

Welcome to Utah State University, Home of the Aggies

Thank you for supporting your child's decision to come to Utah State University. It is our commitment that the next few years will be filled with opportunities of learning and growth for your student. I have seen first-hand the personal development that occurs as students actively particpate in the learning, discovery, and engagement available at this world-class university. 

Utah State University recognizes you as a tremendous partner in helping your student reach their goals. We thank you for your influence and support, both now and in the future, as your student experiences the successes and also the challenges that will shape their experience as a learner and a member of our community. Whether you are a returning parent, a first-time parent, or alumni, this handbook will provide you with resources and information to help support your student's transition to college.

As I complete my tenure as President in the summer of 2023, I look forward to the positive impact our Aggie community will continue to make in the world. We are excited to have your student join us for the college experience Utah State University offers, and applaud them and you for embarking on this thrilling journey. To stay up-to-date on the university's plans, please visit, subscribe to the Aggie Parent and Family Podcast, and join the parent and family network for regular newsletter communications. 

Welcome to Utah State, and welcome to the Aggie Family.


Noelle E. Cockett, President

Old Main Building at Utah State University

USU Parent & Family Program

The USU Parent & Family Programs Mission is to serve families through programming designed to equip parents with resources they need to help their student succeed at Utah State University. We do this by providing Parent Orientation, Parent Publications & Podcasts, and Deferment & Leave of Absence Outreach.

We provide parents and families with these resources to promote student success and independence at any stage in their student’s academic career at Utah State University.

Mission & Outcomes


What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a U.S. federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records. FERPA protects your student's rights by ensuring we don't release any information to anyone without their consent; that includes you, as parents. In order for you to have access to this information, your student will need to go to, and assign you as a delegate, visit the website above.

What is a Delegate?

A delegate is especially useful for, but not limited to, students who may be taking a leave of absence from the university for church or military service. If your student plans to take a leave of absence, a delegate can assist them in making a smooth transition back to USU by acting on their belief. 
The adding, changing, or removing of a security phrase and/or delegates is the sole responsibility of the student.

What Can a Delegate Do?

A delegate may act on a students behalf at USU, which means a delegate may:

  • Have full access to the student's information.
  • Change or update the student's information, including the password.
  • Access the student's information in Banner (Access), including their grades and finances, and add or drop classes on the student's behalf.

This handbook is designed to be a supplement to the Parent Orientation held before the semester begins. Please use this during and after the orientation in order to stay informed and as a resource in supporting your student throughout the year.

Student Orientation & Transition Services (SOTS)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the orientation and transition process.

Student Orientation & Transition Services

TSC 105


The Ultimate Parent Resource

This website is a great place for parents to find information regarding:

  • Orientation
  • Academic Calendar
  • Advising
  • Notification of Leave
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Parent Newsletter
  • Slides and Videos of Parent Orientation
  • And More...

Parent & Family Weekend

Utah State designates one weekend a year for the whole family to celebrate becoming an Aggie! With various events happening on and off campus, parents can use this weekend to become more familiar with Utah State and Logan. With your purchase of a ticket, you can expect:

  • Aggie Football Game & Other Athletic Events
  • Pre-Game BBQ
  • Pictures on the "A"
  • Library Tour
  • Cache Valley Events

USU Alumni Association
Whether you're a parent, graduate, or both, you are a part of the Aggie Family, and we want to meet you! If you're on campus visting your student, stop by the front desk of the Alumni Welcome Center for a free Aggie Ice Cream coupon.

The Student Alumni Association introduces students to traditions that create a lifelong bond with Utah State. From Homecoming to "A" Week, alumni activities enrich the Aggie culture and remind students - both past and present - why they cherish their experiences at Utah State. 

Aggie Network Connects Students with Mentors
A free online service from the USU Alumni Association, the Aggie Network puts students in touch with USU alumni, faculty, staff, and other professionals eager to help them expand their networks. Students can learn about job and internship opportunities and seek career advice from a community of fellow Aggies.

Ride with Aggie Pride
With an Aggie license plate, Utah residents can show their Aggie pride every time they drive. The $25 fee directly supports student scholarships. 

Get Social

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on what's happening around the university, like the latest info on upcoming alumni events and travel opportunities. Follow along @UtahStateAlumni. 

Aggie Ice Cream

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May - September
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Sat 10 am - 10 pm
Sun Closed

October - April
M-F 9 am - 9 am
Sat 10 am - 9 pm
Sun Closed

Call the store

Aggie Chocolate Factory

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1- 7 pm
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Parent Orientation

The college years are a time of transition for young people and their parents. There is no way to move through such an important passage without some feelings of dislocation and loss. But information and insight can help parents negotiate this significant and often neglected phase of their children’s lives.

Karen Coburn & Madge Treeger
"Letting Go: A Parent's Guide to Understanding the College Years"

Stay Connected

Parent Website
Visit for a variety of resources and ways to stay connected to Utah State. Some resources include Parent Tips and informative videos.

Parent & Family Network
Join the Parent & Family Network to receive customized, timely communications about news, deadlines, campus resources, and more.

Aggie Parent & Family Podcast
Subscribe to the Aggie Parent & Family Podcast on all major platforms for practical advice about topics ranging from campus safety, academic advising, diversity and inclusion, to the best ways to support your student.

aggie parent and family podcast

Advice for An Aggie Parent

Helpful Facts for Parents:

  • A college education prepares students to become learners, which positively impacts their families, communities, and professions.
  • People with bachelor's degrees earn more than $1 million more in additional income over their lifetime than high school graduates.
  • USU has over 240 degrees, including undergraduate, master's, and PhD programs.
  • Students who work to connect to campus and engage in academic and social experiences are more likely to graduate.
  • USU has one of the most extensive undergraduate research programs in the country, involving hundreds of students in research and creative projects. 
  • USU has an extensive alumni network, and a Career Design Center that prepares students for a well-designed life and career.

Encourage Your Student to Do the Following:

  • Enroll in USU 1010: University Connections.
  • Meet with their academic advisor every semester to stay on track.
  • Enroll full time in 15 credits per semester (for 30 credits each year).
  • Comlete the FAFSA every fall so they are eligible for scholarships and other financial aid.
  • Meet with a Financial Coach in the Student Money Management Center to create a financial plan.
  • Apply for scholarships every December at
  • Limit work to no more than 20 hours per week.
  • Get involved in academic and social activities.
  • Seek out resources when needed.

What USU is Doing to Help Students Succeed:

  • Setting students up for success with the USU 1010 Connections course, in which students are assigned a faculty and peer mentor.
  • Providing four-year course plans for each major, and academic advisors to guide students.
  • Using analytics, advertising, and outreach to connect students with academic, financial, and wellness resources. See
  • Fostering academic belonging through tutoring, success coaching, supplemental instruction, programs for first-generation college students. Visit