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Departmental, Program, and Community Participation

Has your department, program, or organization developed an exciting, informative event for Utah State students? 

An excellent way to build event attendance and have students discover more about your program is to submit your event as an Aggie Passport event. The passport program is run by Student Orientation and Transition Services.  If you are not sure if your event is eligible, contact Peggy Brown at 797-1712.

Guidelines for Aggie Passport Events

  • The event is held between August 27, 2018 and October 12, 2018.
  • The event has finalized details including a description, specified time, cost, and confirmed location. We are unable to accept events with TBA details.
  • The event is one at which a stamping table could be easily set up and found by students, and has access to power to run the ID card readers (please provide a stamping table, if possible).
  • The event is held at a time when we do not currently have more than two other events happening.  Due to card-swiping and staffing constraints, we are unable to stamp at more than two events at a time.
  • The event falls under one of three featured categories: academic, community, or social.
Only Finalized Events can be Accepted
Students receive a printed booklet containing the eligible passport events, and will track their events via card swipes as opposed to physical stamps in the passport booklet. This booklet goes to press on Thursday, August 16, 2018 which means submissions will close at noon on that day to allow us time to finish the design of the file.

Since the overall integrity of the program relies upon students being able to plan ahead and rely upon the information we provide in the booklet, please do not submit events until you have 100% confirmed all details that you are confident will not be changing.  We are unable to accept late and impartial event submissions.

The deadline to submit events for 2018 has passed. If you have questions, contact Peggy Brown at 797-1712.