Scholarship Recipients 2012-2013

The Professional Employees Association is pleased to announce the 2012-13 PEA Scholarship Recipients.

2012-13 Recipients

Sierra Carol Griffeth

I would like to say thank you to all the PEA Scholarship donors for awarding me the PEA Scholarship! This money will help me get one step closer to achieving all my academic goals. Having help paying for school takes away some stress and will allow me to focus more on my classes. I am extremely grateful and honestly cannot completely explain how happy I am!! You all are going to help me have a better life. THANK YOU!!!

Vanessa Garcia Howes

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am so grateful for this scholarship! This scholarship will not only help me financially, but it also helps relieve my stress, so I can focus more clearly being a first generation Masters student. Thank you for making a difference in my educational career. I've been so blessed to have people such as you to help me along this journey.

Wesley Hyde

I am sincerely grateful to have been awarded this fine scholarship and would like to thank the generous PEA Scholarship Donors who made this possible. This scholarship will greatly help as I close in on earning my Bachelors Degree in Human Movement Science with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy. I plan to further my education after graduating from USU by attending Physical Therapy School to become a Physical Therapist. USU runs deep in my family and I couldn't be more proud to be an Aggie! thanks again to the wonderful people on the PEA Scholarship Committee and Donors who spend their time, talents, and resources supporting students like myself here at USU!

Jeremy Jensen

The PEA Scholarship Award will help enable me to take advantage of the many opportunities available for graduate students in the Art Department at Utah State University. Because of this award more of my time can be spent focused and engaged in my education rather than working every spare minute just to pay for it. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

David Pruden

Thank you to all of you who have donated to the PEA scholarship fund. I am truly grateful for the financial assistance these funds will provide me as I work on completing my doctorate in Family Consumer and Human Development. This coming year I will complete my last few classes and will be starting work on my dissertation. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to spend the time that will be required to finish my schooling and continue working for Utah State University. Thank You!

Jason Stromberg

I want to write you this letter to thank you for the opportunity you have given me by presenting me with the PEA scholarship. I am excited to be a part of the John M Huntsman School of Business and am very appreciative of the opportunity that I have to further my education and learn great things from USU. As I grew up, my family was always around the university and it has always been a big part of my life. Now that I have my own family, USU will continue to be something that my kids will have in their life. Hopefully, this will help them to have the desire to be a part of the university as well. I want you to rest assured that these funds will go to a good use and that I will make sure that I use the education that they help me to pay for to do good things. This scholarship is a blessing for my family and I appreciate your vote of confidence by bestowing this financial aid on us. Thank you for your generosity.

Willis "Trace" Weight

I would like to thank the Professional Employees Association and the donors for awarding me the scholarship. It means a great deal to me, and I hope some day to return the favor by becoming a donor myself!

2012-13 Recipients

Sierra Carol Griffeth
Vanessa Garcia Howes
Wesley Hyde
Jeremy Hansen
David Pruden
Jason Stromberg
Willis "Trace" Weight

2011-12 Recipients

Samantha Egbert
Samantha Graham
Trent Hunsaker
Matthew Jensen
Tony Kusbach
Jessica Olson
Kaylee Roholt

2010-2011 Recipients

Rachel Heiner
Sean Heiner
Shanell Johnson
Shannon Clemens
Bentley Anderson
Jared Hyde
Kaylee Harris
Melinda Ryan
Samantha Trippler
Victoria Nye

2009-2010 Recipients

April Barker Jensen
Katie Marin
Katherine McConkie
Danielle Baum
Ryan Beckstead
Thomas Williams

2008-2009 Recipients

Amanda Corn
Kristin Howell
Bonnie Varga
Nicholas Winn
Rob Barton
Kathryn Bezzant
Bill Jensen

2007-2008 Recipients

Celestial Brandley
Bethany Crane
Jacob Jensen
Trevor Jensen
Katie Jo Nielsen
Lindsey Thurgood

2006-2007 Recipients

Richard Anderson
Amy Baldwin
Dawn Black
Heather Chapman
Jonathan Huppi
Vicki Larsen
Betsy Newman
Curt Phillips
Randy Smith

2005-2006 Recipients

Christopher Howell
Lisa Leishman
Brook Peacock
Celia Peterson
Shane Sessions

2004-2005 Recipients

Kirsten Barton
Amy Hopkins
Mandy James
Rodney Price
Jeffrey Reece

2003-2004 Recipients

Kayleen Brown
Stacie Gomm
Elicia Lord
Kaitie L. Williams
Dustin Wood
Tiffany Wood

2002-2003 Recipients

Information not currently available

2001-2002 Recipients

Ben Berrett
Eric Broadbent
Cory Hansen
Eric Hawley
Caleb Jenson
Robyn Varga

2000-2001 Recipients

Anna Furniss
Sarah M. Jenson
Elizabeth Lord
Stephen Marshall
John Reynolds

1999-2000 Recipients

Mark B. Bradford
Quinn F. Brown
Kristen Marshall
M. Glenn Thimmes
Abigail Weston

1998-1999 Recipients

Katy Hammon
Shane Hart
Jared Kadis
Holly McFarland
German Sabillon

1997-1998 Recipients

Melissa Anderson
Joanie Robinson
Ghada Saad
Craig Steenerson
Joanie Robinson

1996-1997 Recipients

Becky Andrews
Sheryl Ferwerda
Joseph Harmon
Katie Jenson
Nicholas Smith

1995-1996 Recipients

Cameron Evans
William McManus
Wendy Ottley
Mitchell Parrish
Marie Stoker

1994-1995 Recipients

Deborah Bishop-Gutknecht
David Hudson
Marjorie Hudson
Marnie Parrish
Catherine Stogner
Betty Weeks

1993-1994 Recipients

Launi Evans
Allison Noble
Sylvia Robinson

1992-1993 Recipients

Sarah Anderson
Kolony King
Amy McGrew

1991-1992 Recipients

Laura Francis
Angela Morgan
Craig Robinson
Beth Walden

1990-1991 Recipients

David Cahoon
Deborah Israelsen
Bryan Larsen
Stephen Warren

1989-1990 Recipients

Brian Atkinson
Lisa Maw
Shanna Peterson
Joel Robinson