Tom Christensen

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USU students floating inside of the KC-135 0g airplane.
Utah State University Students Aboard the KC-135 a.k.a. "Vomit Comet"

Mission Summary:

Utah State University students participated in several research and experiment studies aboard the KC-135 Low Gravity Airplane. 


For the first time, NASA offered flights on their Reduced Gravity Airplane to college students. Utah State University was chosen as one of 24 teams to fly on the KC-135 dubbed the "Vomit Comet". USU Students Mike Anderson, Paul Hepworth, Morgan Davidson, and Mike Sorensen and USU media relations reporter Lynette Harris conducted an experiment that delt with granular materials, in this case, glass beads. The results of their experiment may have repercussions for many industries, including pharmaceuticals.


1998 was a very busy year for the Utah State University Get Away Special Team. The team sent students to fly once again on the Vomit Comet. Four students, Mike Anderson, Adam Margetts, Mike Wilkinson, and Arlynda Wright Jorgensen flew a modified version of the experiment that had flown the previous year.


In 1999 six students from Utah State University, Mike Anderson, Zach Yates, Glenn Roth, Adam Margetts, Jamie Jorgensen, and Arlynda Wright Jorgensen, flew on the Vomit Comet with three new experiments. One of the experiments tested the design for a future Shuttle experiment. The second experiment tested theories about the formation of the Solar System. The final·experiment tested convection currents in granular materials.