Physics Research Beyond Borders

August 29, 2023
Luis Fernando Temoche

Poster presentation by Luis Fernando Temoche during PITP
at the Institute of advanced Studies (IAS) in Princeton, July 2023.

USU Students of the Gravitational Theory Group embarked on a summer of scientific exploration.

This year marked a season of prolific research activity within the Physics Department, as numerous students dedicated their summers to scientific exploration. Amidst these endeavors, one standout individual embarked on an international odyssey. Luis Fernando Temoche, a dedicated graduate student affiliated with the Gravitational Theory Group led by Prof. Rodriguez of the USU Physics Department, embarked on a unique journey that extended beyond borders.

From June 5 to 17, 2023, a captivating event unfolded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where students took the spotlight at the Holography@25 school and workshop. Organized by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP-SAIFR) and hosted at IFT-UNESP, this gathering commemorated the 25th anniversary of Prof. Juan Maldacena's seminal paper on the AdS/CFT correspondence. Focusing on the pivotal role of students, participants like Luis Fernando from USU Physics Department, immersed themselves in lectures and seminars on this correspondence's forefront developments. Prof. Juan Maldacena provided a comprehensive overview of the transformative journey of the Holographic Principle, elucidating its pivotal contribution to demystifying the "Black Hole information paradox." Amidst this vibrant academic ambiance, students unveiled their research during an interactive poster session. Notably, the collaborative work "CFT duals for black rings and black strings," led by the Gravitational Theory Group at USU was presented by Luis Fernando at the ICTP-SAIFR school captivated the attention of participants.

Following this impactful event, Luis Fernando embarked on a knowledge-seeking expedition to Universidade Federal de Itajubá in Minas Gerais, known as the Itajubá Visit. By invitation from Prof. Alexis Roa Aguirre, students eagerly presented their recent study (See Fig. 1), "Love Numbers for Rotating Black Holes in Higher Dimensions." This research, a collaboration involving Luis Fernando Temoche, Prof. Rodriguez, Prof. Luca Santoni, and Dr. Adam Solomon, underscored the influential role of emerging scholars in expanding the horizons of theoretical physics.

The narrative then shifted to July 10 - 21, 2023, when Princeton, New York, became the stage for another remarkable student-led showcase, the "Prospects in Theoretical Physics" (PITP) graduate school at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). Distinguished for its exceptionally competitive admission process, this international summer school welcomed aspiring scholars to its immersive program.

Reflecting on this opportunity, Prof. Maria Rodriguez, herself a former attendee of the Graduate Student Summer School at IAS, shared, "As a graduate student myself, I attended PITP at IAS, and wanted to have my graduate students experience the same rewarding journey." This sentiment was realized through students like Luis Fernando Temoche, who seized the chance to participate this year.

Anchored in the theme of "Understanding Confinement," students emerged as active participants in the exploration of strong interactions. Esteemed luminaries such as Prof. David Gross and Prof. Edward Witten shared insights, steering students through the intricate facets of this captivating phenomenon. Beyond being recipients of knowledge, students like Luis Fernando seized the opportunity to exhibit their own investigations through presentations and poster sessions. This platform not only showcased their research acumen but also facilitated meaningful exchanges among peers from diverse corners of the world. The historical resonance of IAS, with its associations with luminaries members like Einstein and Oppenheimer, served to ignite students' enthusiasm for unraveling the mysteries of theoretical physics.