Christa McAuliffe Space Center visit - USU Women and Minorities in Physics Group

March 17, 2023
Physics undergraduate and graduate students
Physics undergraduate and graduate students at
the Christa McAuliffe Space Center, UT (2023)

For the celebration of 2023 International Women’s Day on March 8, the USU Women and Minorities in Physics (WaMiP) group organized a trip to the Christa McAuliffe Space Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah. There were two activities that the group participated in.
The first activity consisted in a spaceship simulator, where we became the crew of the USS-Magellan, a carrier of other spaceships. Each one of us had a different role in the ship and problems were presented to us through a whole immersive environment that made us feel like we were actually there. This was a wonderful team building exercise, where everyone had to participate to complete the mission. Everyone loved this activity and there was a sense of community that had been generated by the activity.
The second activity was a movie at their planetarium. The movie was called “Distant Worlds - Alien life?” and it was developed by a consortium of German planetariums. The movie explored the possibility of alien life on other planets and how this life could look like based on our scientific understanding.

 The event was a resounding success and we appreciate the sponsorship of the Physics Department for activities like these, that foster an inclusive environment and promote community and teamwork within our students.