Prospective Students

Students in USU Physics enjoy close collaborations and mentoring relationships with our faculty and research staff. We offer physics majors and graduate students a high quality physics education with small classes in a research oriented environment. The programs are implemented by a faculty who are excellent teachers who also maintain active, world-class research programs.

What can you do with a degree in physics?

Nationally, about a third of the students receiving a BA or BS in physics go on to graduate study in physics, astronomy, or a closely related discipline. (Holders of advanced degrees in physics have numerous options. Some find employment teaching and doing fundamental and applied research in academia or in industrial and national laboratories; others are hired as analysts by financial firms or by high technology consulting companies.)

Other physics majors opt to study law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, business, or philosophy at the graduate level. Still others find immediate employment as teachers, as laboratory and engineering assistants, as technicians in hospitals, as software designers, in computer chip manufacturing, and in the aircraft and automobile industries. Some become technical writers, and those with an entrepreneurial bent often start their own businesses. Please visit the Physics Today Job Website to see current employment opportunities available to physicists.

The American Institute of Physics collects and reports on Physics Employment Statisics on a regular basis.  You may find them enlightening to browse as you consider a future career in physics. If you are interested in additional information please contact us.

Life at Utah State University

Utah State University is located in Logan, Utah, in the heart of Cache Valley.  The Cache Valley region of northern Utah is a scenic mountainous part of the country with ample opportunities for nearby outdoor activity both winter and summer.

The city of Logan offers a small town atmosphere with an extensive cultural program sponsored by the University, the Utah Festival Opera Company and Utah Theatre.  Salt Lake City is only two hours away, and readily accessible by well maintained highways throughout the year.