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Policy 375: Call-Back Pay

Section: Personnel Policies
Sub-Section: Compensation
Policy Number: 375
Subject: Call-Back Pay
Covered Employees: Classified Employees
Origin Date: January 24, 1997
Effective Date: January 24, 1997
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375.1 POLICY

Extenuating circumstances may require a University department to request the immediate services of certain off-duty, non-exempt employees. To compensate these employees for the inconvenience of returning to work, the University has established a guaranteed minimum of two hours' pay (even if less time may be required to complete the job).

The time reported for payroll purposes includes not only the hours spent on the job, but also the time used for commuting from the place of contact to work and back again, as long as the round-trip commute is not greater than one hour.


Time worked (including commute time) due to a call-back is added to the hours reported during the week in which the call occurred. The total time is then entered on the appropriate time card.

Departments may give equivalent time off later in the work week to avoid overtime for full-time, non-exempt employees. If the position is less than full-time, supervisors may grant compensatory time off to the employee.

If the time worked is overtime, it must be compensated as outlined in policy 378.

If the time is not overtime and is to be paid in wages, a Temporary Salary Adjustment Form should be completed according to established guidelines.


3.1 Department Heads and Supervisors

Responsible for recalling off-duty employees within their departments, when necessary, and for ensuring adequate compensation (time off, compensatory time, or overtime pay) is provided to the employee for call-back hours worked.

3.2 Employees

Employees are responsible for accurately recording call-back hours worked (including commute time) and cooperating with call-back work requirements.