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Policy 383: Unemployment Compensation Insurance

Section: Personnel Policies
Sub-Section: Compensation
Policy Number: 383
Subject: Unemployment Compensation Insurance
Covered Employees: University Employees
Origin Date: January 24, 1997
Effective Date: January 24, 1997
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383.1 POLICY

University policy on unemployment compensation insurance complies with Utah state law and establishes employee procedures for providing necessary information to the Utah State Employment Security Office for its decision-making process.

University personnel who may qualify for unemployment compensation insurance after termination of employment from the University include administrators, teaching and research personnel, all budgeted employees and certain payroll employees.

The decision to grant unemployment compensation insurance to a terminated employee is made by the Utah State Employment Security Office in accordance with information provided by the University.


In order for a terminated employee to be eligible to be considered for unemployment compensation insurance, the following steps should be observed when terminating any University employee.

(1) The University employee notifies his/her supervisor, or the supervisor informs the employee of the anticipated termination.

(2) For benefit-eligible employees, the supervisor completes the Employment Action Form. The section "Termination Information" should list the actual reason for termination. In certain cases of termination in which an individual is terminated for "cause," detailed documentation must be attached.

(3) The completed Employment Action Form is sent to the Office of Human Resources.

(4) Upon receipt of the Employment Action Form, the Office of Human Resources will schedule an exit interview with the terminating employee. During this interview, the employee will complete a confidential Exit Interview Form and be reminded to return or clear keys, library books, parking fines, and any other outstanding University obligations.

An employee who works on an intermittent basis will not be required to follow these termination procedures for each period he or she is employed. In the event an employee is not rehired at a later date, termination procedures should be initiated by the employee's department head.


3.1 Department Heads and Supervisors

Responsible for coordinating any termination with the employee and the Office of Human Resources and for ensuring that the necessary paperwork is completed and to the Office of Human Resources.

3.2 Office of Human Resources

Responsible for coordinating the termination paperwork with the department head or supervisor, scheduling exit interviews, and informing employees of other University obligations.

3.3 Employees

Responsible for providing required notice when resigning and for attending an exit interview with an Office of Human Resources representative.