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Policy 385.1.1 Dual Career Assistance (DCA) Procedures

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A. Summary

Utah State University (USU) offers assistance to the spouses/partnersi (hereafter referred to as partner) of non-temporaryii, benefited employees in both recruitment and retention efforts. The Dual Career Assistance (DCA) program seeks to support the University's mission to attract and retain highly qualified faculty and staff to strengthen our capacity to meet institutional objectives. We recognize that alongside many top candidates stand equally strong partners who accompany them to the University. The DCA program is for partners who have never worked at USU before and offers priority interviews for open positions where the candidates meet the minimum qualifications. The DCA program does not guarantee job placement or that all dual career couples’ employment needs will be met. Approval for participation in the DCA program must come from the hiring department’s Department Head/Director and Dean/Vice President and the Office of the Provost/President. Once DCA eligibility has been established, the candidates are eligible for DCA services for up to 24 monthsiii from the date services commence. If a DCA candidate is hired into any USU position, the DCA candidate will no longer be eligible for priority interviews, but may apply for future positions through the normal competitive process. Department Heads/Directors and Deans/Vice Presidents play a key advocacy role on behalf of the couple requesting DCA. Individuals seeking DCA retain responsibility for managing their own career search.

B. Guidelines

1. Recruitment

Those eligible for DCA under recruitment are partners of non-temporary, benefited employees who have been at the institution for less than 3 months. The candidate/employee conveys a need for a partner’s participation in DCA to his/her Search Committee Chair or Department Head/Director. The Department Head/Director will determine if they have the resources and/or desire to provide dual career assistance. DCA candidates will be placed on the list upon approval, but services can be deferred to a time when the partner is ready to begin seeking employment. The 24-month period of eligibility will begin when services commenceiv.

2. Retention

Although rare, DCA accommodation is sometimes offered for retention purposes. Those eligible for DCA under retention are current non-temporary, benefited employees who require a partner’s participation in DCA as a condition of continued employment at USU. The employee should convey the need to his/her Department Head/Director. The Department Head/Director will determine if they have the resources and/or desire to retain the employee. If it is determined to pursue DCA the Department Head/Director will present the need to their Dean/Vice President and to the Provost/President’s office for approval.

C. Procedures

  1. Once a need for DCA has been identified, the primary candidate/employee must supply information regarding the partner's educational background, experience, and employment history to the Department Head/Director (preferably in the form of a resume or curriculum vitae).
  2. If a Department Head/Director determines they have the resources and desire to support a DCA request, they will e-mail their Dean/VP for approval. If approved, the Dean/VP will forward the request to the Office of the Provost or Office of the President for approval as applicable. If it is deemed that the DCA request meets either the recruitment or retention requirement, the Office of the Provost/President will notify the department and Human Resources of approval. Human Resources will then reach out to the DCA candidate.
  3. After receiving all required approvals, Human Resources (HR) will place the name of the DCA candidate on the DCA list and contact the DCA candidate to learn more about their qualifications and career interests. HR will also email the DCA candidate information on how to create a profile in the applicant tracking system (ATS). Once the profile is completed, the DCA candidate will then have access to the priority job portal in the system.
  4. Open positions that come through HR will be placed in the priority job portal Monday-Friday for 24 hours. During that time all candidates who have access to the priority job portal may view and apply for jobs where they meet the minimum qualifications before the jobs are posted externally for others to apply. Because DCA candidates cannot be compared to external candidates, it is strongly encouraged that they monitor the DCA portal every day and apply for positions during the 24-hour window for the best use of this policy.
  5. At the end of the 24-hour period, if there are individuals who have applied for a posting in the priority job portal:
    • The HR office will hold the job from posting externally until the DCA candidate’s application has been reviewed by the department/search committee and, if qualified, an interview has taken place with the hiring department. HR will notify the department if there is a DCA candidate who has applied for their position. HR will also notify the DCA candidate if they don’t meet a minimum requirement and therefore will not be considered for the position.
    • The DCA candidate will be responsible for notifying their partner’s Department Head/Director once an interviewed is scheduled so they can advocate for them with the hiring Department Head/Director.
    • The hiring department will be responsible for contacting the qualified DCA candidate to set up an interview. After the interview, if the candidate is not chosen for the position, the department will notify the candidate, explain the reason for non-selection, and notify Human Resources so the search can be opened to external applicants.
  6. After 24 hours, if no DCA candidate has applied for a position(s) in the priority job portal, the position(s) will be posted externally. DCA candidates who miss applying for a position during the 24-hour window, should contact HR as soon as possible to express interest. If the review date for the search has not passed, HR will reach out to the department to inform them that the search is being put on hold until an interview can be arranged. If the review date has passed, the DCA candidate may still apply for the position as an external applicant without the guarantee of an interview.
  7. HR encourages DCA candidates to have their application materials prepared and up to date to facilitate the 24 hour application process. DCA candidates are encouraged to reach out to Human Resources if they have any questions about the process or need assistance with their application materials.
  8. Once the decision to hire a DCA candidate has been made, the hiring department will complete and route for signature the Appointment of Opportunity Form. The department will then submit the new hire EPAF explaining that the appointment is under the DCA provision in Policy 385: Appointments of Opportunity.

i Partner is defined as someone who is eligible to be on the employee’s benefits plan as spouse or partner.
ii Temporary is defined in Policy 385.
iii Upon request, the Provost Office will consider request for renewal for up to two additional years.
iv Services commence once eligibility is approved and they are put on the DCA list