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Policy 389: Employee Reassignment

Section: Personnel Policies
Sub-Section: Employment
Policy Number: 389
Subject: Employee Reassignment
Covered Employees: Classified and Professional Employees
Origin Date: January 24, 1997
Revision Date(s): July 1, 1999
Effective Date: July 1, 1999
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389.1 POLICY

The University is committed to develop and to maintain an employment atmosphere that encourages and promotes a direct relationship and communication between each employee and his/her supervisor. It is the University's desire to deal with employees fairly and directly, as individuals. This objective can best be obtained through mutual understanding and trust, encouraging employees to develop their professional skills and talents while they contribute to the continued success of the University.

Employees, regardless of their level or position, are encouraged to bring any job-related concerns or problems to the attention of their immediate supervisor, or if appropriate, the next closest level of administration. The Office of Human Resources is also available to assist in an advisory capacity as needed. If a problem or concern cannot be resolved, relocation or reassignment may be considered.

In such a situation, the Office of Human Resources may, in consultation with the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Office (as needed), the department head/director and the employee, transfer the employee to an available position of equal or lower classification.


2.1 When a situation arises that cannot be amicably solved, the employee or the department head/director may contact the Office of Human Resources to initiate employee reassignment.

2.2 The AA/EO Office, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, will deal with any situation that specifically relates to issues of sexual harassment or illegal discrimination (see policies 305 and 339).

2.3 Each situation will be handled on an individual basis, in a constructive and timely manner, protecting the confidentiality of the employee involved to the fullest extent possible.

2.4 The position to which the employee is transferred is not subject to competitive hiring procedures or advertisement, but the new department must agree to fill the position with the transferring employee.

2.5 Any department with an open position for which the employee meets the minimum qualifications will interview said employee before interviewing other candidates.

2.6 A salary increase will not be given to employees who are transferred to a position with the same classification or grade as their former position until after the introductory period.

2.7 The transferred employee will not lose seniority.


3.1 Department Heads or Supervisors

Responsible for maintaining good communication with employees and taking time to listen to job-related problems or concerns. If a problem cannot be resolved, the department head will promptly inform the Office of Human Resources or the AA/EO Office.

3.2 The Office of Human Resources

Responsible for responding to requests for assistance promptly. Actions to be taken may include advice, direction, investigation, and consultation with employees and department heads or supervisors to resolve problems or initiate reassignments or transfers. Confidentiality will be maintained to the degree possible.