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Policy 395: Introductory Period of Employment

Section: Personnel Policies
Sub-Section: Employment
Policy Number: 395
Subject: Introductory Period of Employment
Covered Employees: Classified and Professional Employees
Origin Date: January 24, 1997
Effective Date: January 24, 1997
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395.1 POLICY

The introductory period of employment is the initial six months for classified employees and one year for professional employees at the University. This time period is to help employees adjust to their jobs and to allow both employee and supervisor time to determine whether or not to continue the working relationship. In the event it is not possible to facilitate a working relationship within the introductory period, there is no obligation on the part of the employee or supervisor to continue employment.

During the introductory period, professional and classified employees will be eligible for all employee benefits. Employees, however, may be terminated at any time during this period with or without cause for any lawful reason and without the right to a grievance hearing.


2.1 Evaluations During Introductory Period

Evaluations should be given throughout the introductory period to give an employee feedback about his/her performance in the new position. The schedule for those evaluations and performance criteria for each position should be established by the supervisor during the first week of employment. These evaluations should conform to the procedures outlined in the University's Performance Appraisal Procedures (policy 329).

The suggested frequency of these performance evaluations is as follows:

(1) At least one performance evaluation between the supervisor and a classified employee during the six-month introductory period.

(2) At least two performance evaluations between the supervisor and a professional employee during the one-year introductory period.

2.2 Interruption of Introductory Period

The introductory period of employment cannot be accomplished during an approved leave of absence (i.e., for medical reasons). An introductory period interrupted by an absence of one week or longer will be extended by the length of the absence.


3.1 Office of Human Resources and University Administrators

The Office of Human Resources and all University personnel authorized to make offers of employment are responsible for assuring that candidates know and fully understand the conditions outlined in this policy.