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Policy 502: Naming University Facilities, Organizations, and Programs

Category: Operating Policies
Sub Category: General
Responsible Executive: Vice President for Advancement
Policy Custodian: Office of University Advancement
Last Revised: 2022/06/23
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The policy is established to provide for an informed practice to name Utah State University facilities, organizations, and programs that takes into account the traditions of the university, as well as the opportunity to honor donors and other individuals of extraordinary achievement. Careful consideration must be given to associating any name with the excellence and reputation of Utah State University.

The naming of curriculum related units, departments, programs and courses are addressed by the Educational Policy Committee unless philanthropic support is involved.

502.2 POLICY

2.1 Naming University Facilities, Organizations, and Programs

Primary consideration for naming facilities, organizations, and programs shall be given in recognition of a substantial gift to the university. Consideration may also be given to naming facilities without a gift to the university if an individual has achieved distinction in an academic, administrative, or other exceptional ways which have significantly contributed to the welfare of the university as to warrant recognition. Naming a project for a university employee shall not normally be made prior to one year after retirement, while the individual is still employed by the University, nor within one year after the person’s death.

All proposals to name a university facility, organization, or honorary naming of a program shall be submitted to the University Naming Committee for consideration. The committee shall meet as needed to consider naming proposals according to the University’s Naming Procedures. At the conclusion, the committee will make a recommendation to the President for their decision. The President’s decision is final.

2.2 Compliance with Naming Procedures

A university employee shall not offer, commit or promise an honorary name to facilities, organizations, and programs until the completion of the process outlined in Naming Procedures.

2.3 University Naming Committee Membership

The committee shall be led by the Vice President of University Advancement and composed of the following members:

  • Vice President of University Advancement (chair)
  • Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services
  • Vice President for Federal and State Relations
  • Vice President for University Marketing and Communications
  • Senior Director of Advancement Services
  • Senior Director of Stewardship and Donor Engagement
  • USU Foundation Liaison
  • Assistant Director of Facilities Planning, Design, & Construction
  • Space Management Committee Chair
  • Others as needed and recommended by the committee and approved by the President


3.1 Vice President for Advancement

The Vice President for Advancement is granted the authority and responsibility to develop and maintain university Naming Procedures.

3.2 Office of University Advancement

The Office of University Advancement is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with this policy and university Naming Procedures, subject to necessary approvals.

3.3 President, Deans, Development Officers, and University Advancement Staff

The president, deans, development officers, University Advancement staff, and any other employees, agents, or representatives engaged in fundraising for the University are responsible for conducting all fundraising activities in compliance with this policy and with the University Naming Procedures.


  • Policy 524: Charitable Gift Acceptance and Crediting


5.1 Facility

Facilities includes buildings, portions of buildings (such as classrooms, auditorium, foyer, and library), collections of buildings, monuments, fields, open air courtyards, streets, alleys, and other outdoor areas.

5.2 Organization

Organizations include a college, school, department, center or administrative unit.

5.3 Program

Programs include all academic programs, faculty chairs and professorships, and scholarships and fellowships.

Information below is not included as part of the contents of the official Policy. It is provided only as a convenience for readers/users and may be changed at any time by persons authorized by the President, subject to review by the USU Policy Committee.



Naming Procedures



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  • Vice President for Advancement


Original issue date: 1993/06/12
Last review date: 2020/02/26
Next scheduled review date: TBD
Previous revision dates: 1993/06/12, 2013/04/10