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Policy 511: Advertising

Section: Operating Policies
Sub-Section: General
Policy Number: 511
Subject: Advertising
Origin Date: April 26, 1999
Effective Date: April 26, 1999
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511.1 POLICY

Advertising is often sold by various University enterprises in order to defray costs of publications, events, programs, or other University functions. Except for ads promoting University services, advertising does not constitute an endorsement by the University for the contents of any ad. Advertising is not a free speech issue whereby unsolicited advertisers may demand the right to pay for ads to be placed in any particular USU publication or in connection with any particular USU forum. Advertising may be limited at the University's discretion, subject to federal and state law, or otherwise controlled in accordance with appropriate time, place, and manner limitations constitutionally recognized for free speech activities, paid or unpaid.

It is appropriate, however, that certain guidelines be identified to assist USU Administrators or agents in soliciting or screening the broadcast or publication of advertising, paid or unpaid, within any medium sponsored by the University:

(1) In general, advertising should be labeled as "advertising", if it is not patently obvious from the ad itself. Except for ads promoting University services, advertising should not appear to be an endorsement by the University for the contents of an ad.

(2) The appropriate Vice President, or designee, should identify a process for review and approval of any proposed advertising within their unit.

(3) Advertising should be limited to appropriate mediums and places that do not interfere or detract from the educational process.

(4) As a public institution, Utah State University must be sensitive to a very diverse and broad range of opinions and beliefs. As such, the University may limit or exclude any advertising that might reasonably be deemed offensive or in poor taste. Likewise, judgment should be exercised to respect diversity, and where possible, offer equal opportunity for competing advertisers to access the University's advertising mediums.