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Policy 517.4.2: Cash Management Investment Pool Guidelines

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The purpose of this document is to set forth the objectives and guidelines of the Utah State University Cash Management Investment Pool (CMIP). The CMIP is for the investment of Operating Funds and is to meet the short-term operating and capital needs of the University.

II. Definitions

a. Operating Funds

  • Funds not primarily for appreciation or the production of income.
  • Money used for the operation of a higher education institution that is received by the higher education institution from state appropriations, government contracts and grants, or tuition and fees collected from students.

III. Investment Objectives

The primary investment objectives of the Cash Management Investment Pool are:

  1. Safety of principal
  2. Maintenance of liquidity
  3. Generate optimal earned income for short-term needs

IV. Investment Guidelines

a. Governing Regulations

The Pool shall be invested to comply with the State of Utah Money Management Act, the Rules of the State Money Management Council.

b. Eligible Investments

Funds shall only be invested in authorized investments in accordance with the State of Utah Money Management Act, Section 51-7-11, “Authorized deposits or investments of Public Funds”.

V. References

  1. Utah Code Title 51, Chapter 7, (State Money Management Act)
  2. Utah Administrative Code Title R628 (Rules of the State Money Management Council)
  3. Utah State Board of Regents Policy R541 Management and Reporting of Institutional Investments