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Policy 552: Uniform Wired and Wireless Data Networks

Category: Operating Policies
Sub Category: Information Technology
Covered Individuals: All Employees and Contractors
Responsible Executive: Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services
Policy Custodian: Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Service
Last Revised: 2022/05/25
Previous USU Policy Numbers: 506 Uniform Wiring for Voice/Data (1997) and 552 Wireless Network Deployment & Access (2008)
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The purpose of this policy is to establish and maintain standardized, uniform, and centralized wired and wireless data networks, infrastructure, and connectivity under the direction and operation of Information Technology Services (ITS).

552.2 POLICY


ITS has sole responsibility for the design, deployment, management, and maintenance of uniform wired and wireless data networks and infrastructure for Utah State University (USU).


ITS is directed to establish, update, and maintain uniform wiring and wireless standards and specifications for USU, in accordance with industry best practices.


ITS shall coordinate all Internet Service Providers for and on behalf of Utah State University.


ITS, or ITS directed contractors, will install new data communications infrastructure and electronics (fiber, cable, routers, switches, access points, distributed antenna systems (DAS) such as cellular or first-responder signal repeaters, central security camera systems, UPS systems, etc.) according to USU standards at the expense of the requesting project and/or unit. Ongoing maintenance and replacement of data communications infrastructure on USU property will be the responsibility of ITS.


Units outside of ITS are not authorized to make or direct new installations, modifications, extensions, repairs, or replacements to USU wired or wireless networks or network infrastructure, or on USU property (see Uniform Infrastructure definition for scope). Separate network deployments for specialized needs must be pre-approved by and coordinated with ITS to avoid interference and duplication.


Unauthorized data infrastructure and/or networks, including wireless access points that create radio frequency interference, duplicate services, violate code or USU standards, or create unauthorized entry points to USU networks, systems, or services will be disconnected from the network by ITS.



ITS shall establish and maintain uniform standards for wired and wireless networks, and direct the design, deployment, management, and maintenance of data networks at USU, including ensuring that all new data installations comply with uniform standards.


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  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) - An internet service provider (ISP) is any entity that provides internet service to USU local networks, entities, and/or locations. Utah Education and Telehealth Network ( is a primary, but not exclusive provider of such services.
  • Uniform Infrastructure - The uniform wired and wireless network infrastructure referenced in this policy consists of all cabling, wiring, fiber, electronics, DAS, central system security cameras, UPS systems and other network data transmission equipment between buildings served by USU, and within USU [owned] buildings, including all USU campuses (for example USU-Eastern), terminating at the wall plate in individual rooms/offices, extending to wireless data transmission equipment such as access points and controllers, and, in the case of voice communications, the connected telephone handset.
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS) - A network of separated antenna nodes, often repeating/relaying external signals within buildings that may be connected to a common source via a transport medium that provides wireless service (such as cellular, radio, or life-safety signals) within a geographic area or structure.

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USU Design Requirements:

BICSI Standards:


  • USU IT Services:
  • Chief Information Officer, Eric Hawley, 435 797-1134
  • ITS Physical Infrastructure Team, David Tidwell, 435 797-1134
  • ITS Networks Team, Kevin Grover, 435 797-1134
  • Service Desk, 435 797-HELP


Original issue date: 2022/05/25
Last review date: 2022/05/25
Next scheduled review date: TBD
Previous revision dates: 2022/05/25