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Diversity and Inclusion

In spring 2019, President Cockett created a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force to guide the university’s efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive university system. The task force will include faculty and staff across USU campuses.

Task Force Charges:

  1. Conducting a campus climate assessment on university inclusion.
  2. Developing a five-year strategic plan for diversity and inclusion at USU.
  3. Convening key players on a regular basis to oversee implementation of the strategic plan.
  4. Producing annual progress reports to monitor effectiveness of the strategic plan.

Task Force Members:

Alison Adams-Perlac, Direct of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
Eri Bentley, CAPS Psychologist and Chair of Aggies Think, Care, Act
Janis Boettinger, Vice Provost and Global Engagement Director
Michelle Bogdan-Holt, Director of the Access and Diversity Center
Doug Bullock, Director of USU Human Resources
Marilyn Cuch, Lecturer, Advisor / Director of the RCDE Secondary Education Program
Amanda DeRito, Director of Crisis Communications and Issues Management
Renee Galliher, Professor of Psychology
Christy Glass, Professor of Sociology and Undergraduate Program Co-Director
Chris González, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Latinx Cultural Center
Ravi Gupta, Professor, Charles Redd Chair of Religious Studies
Grecia Jimenez, Recruitment Specialist for Admissions
James Morales, Vice President for Student Affairs
Sachin Pavithran, Policy Director for the Center for Persons with Disabilities
Bill Plate, Vice President for Marketing and Communications
David Pruden, Director of the Disability Resource Center
Robert Wagner, Vice President for Academic and Instructional Services

Working Groups:

The task force will also guide four working groups: Student Recruitment, Retention and Success; Faculty and Staff Hiring, Retention and Success; Training, Instruction and Research; and On-Campus Diversity Committees and Organizations. Each of these working groups will be chaired by a task force member and populated with subject-matter experts from across campus. Student input will also be sought by each of the working groups.

Task Force Co-Chairs:

Eri Bentley | 435-797-1012
Amanda DeRito | 435-797-2759

Recent News

Inclusive Excellence Symposium to “Disrupt”

President Cockett will present the second annual (and third ever) Inclusive Excellence Symposium on Oct. 30, 2019. This year’s theme is “disrupt.” The symposium emphasizes the benefits of greater diversity, along with greater inclusion, within the USU community. Attendees receive education and training for understanding the experiences of underrepresented groups in order to reduce barriers to their academic and career success. The symposium will also promote networking, collaboration, and dialogue among faculty, staff, students, and community members. The event is free. Read more

USU President Hosts First Diversity Dinner

President Cockett hosted the first annual Cache Valley Diversity Dinner on March 27, 2019. The diversity dinner provided a chance for members of the community to share a meal with those they may have never interacted with before and hear each other's stories. Representatives from USU and civic organizations in the community planned the free dinner, which was held at Logan High School. Read more

25th Annual Diversity Awards

The Diversity Awards recognize individuals and organizations on campus and in communities served by USU who have made significant contributions to diversity and inclusion. The recipients for the 2018-19 school year are Eri Bentley, Laura Gelfand, Jared Gheen, Kristin Searle and the Northern Utah Hispanic Health Coalition. Read more