Packages & Express Services

Package Pickup and Preparation

We can pick up your express package and get it into the right hands quickly. Just give us a call at (435) 797-1875 to find out about all of the express options.

To indicate a mail item is to be sent EXPRESS SERVICE, either check the appropriate box on the "University Mailing Label" and/or write in red ink the express service "NAME" in the upper-right corner of the item. Express service packages to foreign countries must have a phone number and list of contents, with the country name on last line of address. The address must be written in English. Postal Express packages must have a customs form attached to it, indicating the contents and value of the contents inside.

University Mailing labels are available at the TSC Post Office or at the USU Bookstore.

Services Offered USPS DHL FedEx UPS Miller Express
Track Package USPS DHL FedEx UPS  
Pick Up Times 12:30 and 4:30  1:00 4:00 3:30  *10:00
Next-Day Delivery X   X X  
Two-Day Delivery X   X X  
Three-Day Delivery X     X  
Regular Ground Delivery X     X  
International Service X X X X  
Same-Day Delivery (Wasatch Front)         X

 *NOTE: For same-day express service to and from the Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo areas call Central Distribution at (435)-797-1875 by 10:00 a.m. to make arrangements.