Course Fees

Course fees are used to enhance the educational experience when other funding support is inadequate or unavailable and may be approved for the following items and activities.

  • Computers: use, replacement, repairs, and maintenance
  • Software: use, upgrades, and licensing
  • Equipment: use, replacement, repairs, and maintenance
  • Materials and supplies: use and replacement
  • Consumables: use and replacement
  • Student teaching assistants
  • Field trips and class activities in which the entire class participates

With the exception of equipment replaced on a rotating schedule, course fees should be used each semester for the benefit of students who paid the fees. When requesting course fees, departments must explain the need for the fee and why the need cannot be funded through other means.

Course fee requests are submitted through Curriculog and reviewed by the Course Fee Committee on a three-year review cycle. Departments may request course fees outside of the regular review cycle. The schedule and process for requesting course fees within and outside of the regular review cycle are explained here.

For more information on course fees, please contact:

Renee Galliher
Associate Vice Provost
Phone: (435) 797-3391