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Album of the week: Dead Parties – All Our Times

All Our Times, the latest release from Dead Parties, is a guitar-heavy rock album that I can’t help but allow to remind me of my own teenage angst. Catchy drum lines and guitar licks set the stage for a head-banger (my personal favorite sort of music) as I can lose myself in the layers, my curls flailing around my head. Etienne Mamo, the lead singer of this project, projects a taunting tone in his vocals, adding yet another feeling of angst. However, this frigid wind of teenage rebellion is counteracted by the dreamscape found in “Grey Light,” one of their most popular pieces off of the album. I found myself drifting into thought during the repetitive strumming and gentle projection of Mamo’s voice, paired with the utopian synth riffs.


The overall vibration of this release allowed me to go back in time and relive several fond memories of growing up. Not only was I satisfied by the scope of their work on a single album, but by the unifying thread of just that – growing up – woven through every song. All Our Times was a cornucopia of heavier surf punk, whimsical synth lines and soft reminders that sometimes, going back in time is just what the doctor ordered.

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