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Materials Accepted at USU Recycling

Mixed Paper, White Paper, Shredded Paper, Corrugated Cardboard, Aluminum Cans, Tin/Steel Cans, Plastic Bottles, Plastics #3-7, Plastic Bags, Glass Bottles, Rigid;White Styrofoam, Scrap Metal, Wooden Pallets, Batteries

Information on items we DO NOT accept: Motor Oil, E-Waste,

Not Acceptable
Mixed Paper: colored paper, newspaper, envelopes with or without windows, books, phone books, paper bags, magazines, cardstock, folders, sticky notes egg/pop cartons etc. (Staples, tape ok) Place in “Mixed Paper” or “Paper” bins, boxes, or cages Every Classroom and dorm room on campus; offices, hallways, outside cages and drop-off areas Waxed Cups, waxy orange juice/milk containers, laminated paper, paper towels, tissues, messy, wet, or greasy paper, rubber bands, plastic bags
White Paper: white office/copy paper, writing paper, envelopes with or without windows, notebook paper (Staples and tape ok) Place in “White Paper” bins where possible, where not available, “Mixed Paper” or “Paper” bins Specifically designated bins for white paper are in many hallways and offices, see also list for mixed paper Tissues, tissue paper, waxy paper, laminated paper, messy, wet, or greasy paper, plastic bags
Shredded Paper: white or colored paper Please place in plastic or paper bags to avoid mess and put with mixed or white paper or in the cardboard section of outside cages or central areas Specifically designated bins are rare; Shredded paper should be enclosed in plastic bags and placed with cardboard Wet paper. (Shredded Paper is the only time we encourage individuals to use plastic bags- the bags aren’t recyclable here, but do prevent messes)
Corrugated Cardboard: Paper with corrugation- if in doubt, rip it and look for ridges (hint, it is not always just brown)

(Tape ok)
ALWAYS flatten. Take to central location and put in cage or on pallet or stack against the wall as applicable. (If filled with white, rigid styrofoam, ok to leave unbroken) Usually in central locations inside-can be simply a pallet or a stack against the wall- or a cage outside; also all drop-off or outside cages. Trash of any kind. Really greasy or waxy boxes. Packing peanuts. (Generally, clean pizza boxes are ok)
Aluminum Cans: Beverage and cat food containers On campus: Place in “Beverage Containers” bins; In cages by dorms: place in “Co-mingled Containers” section; Drop-off areas: Place in “Aluminum Cans” box; crushing them is nice In many hallways and areas with multiple offices, all drop off areas and dorm cages;
If you are in a building without a bin and would like one, please contact us.
Aluminum foil, aluminum trays, airplanes etc- they can be recycled as “Scrap Metal” but not with aluminum cans
Tin/Steel Cans: Food and certain types of beverage containers (like Slim Fast cans) Rinse major food items from them to reduce odor, but washing and removing labels is not necessary- try to save water too. See above “Aluminum Cans” Place them with aluminum cans as above, everywhere except the drop-off area at the Recycling Center (they have their own spot there) Anything not shaped like a can- these items can be recycled in “Scrap Metal” at the Recycling Center Drop-off Area
Plastic Bottles: Only #1 <PETE> and #2 <HDPE> (Pop Bottles, Milk Jugs, Detergent bottles etc). They can be colored or clear- check the bottom of the container for the number inside the recycling symbol Remove and discard lids (they are often a different material and cause problems with balers) but no need to rinse or remove labels; On campus: Place with “Beverage Containers;” In cages by dorms: Place with “Co-Mingled Containers;” in Drop-off areas: with their respective plastic type All the places listed where aluminum cans are accepted- sometimes separate, but often mixed with other types of beverage containers Containers with liquid in them or metal attached to them.
Misc Plastics : Plastics #3-7 and any other type of plastic that does not have metal or paper it or attached to it. Place with “beverage containers” or “co-mingled containers” or plastics # 2 All the places listed where aluminum cans are accepted- sometimes with plastics #2, but often mixed with other types of beverage containers. No laminated paper or metal of ANY kind.


Plastic Bags: Do not collect, take to local grocery.      
Glass Bottles: There are two categories for glass bottle collection at USU. One is brown bottles and the rest are under the other. Just rinse major food items out but no need to remove labels. Specifically designated spots are located in the truck in Aggie Village and the Recycling Center Drop-off Area. On campus: place glass bottles with “Beverage Containers” or “Co-Mingled Containers” Lids, full bottles, messy materials left in the bottles.
Rigid, White Styrofoam: The hard, white styrofoam for packaging and for insulating Usually place with cardboard or paper or in specially designated spots. Specifically designated spot: Recycling Center Drop-off. Other special spots exist, but usually just place it with cardboard or paper. Packing peanuts and squishy foam, plastic bags, tape
Scrap Metal: Basically any type of metal that isn’t an aluminum or tin/steel can Place only in bins specifically designated as “Scrap Metal,” not with other cans Recycling Center Drop-off area is the only spot for “Scrap Metal” Drums, refrigerators, or items containing freon
Wooden Pallets: Pallets for shipping made from wood, whether whole or broken Place with cardboard or specifically designated spots In each building with designated cardboard areas and at Recycling Center Drop-off area, place them near the fence on the east side. Pallets not made from wood. We DO take broken pallets though.
Batteries: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and other small batteries Place only in bins specifically designated for “Battery Recycling” or at the Drop-off areas, in the yellow bucket NR Atrium, Business NW entrance, Eng. Lab Breezeway, Merrill Lib. Entrance, TSC copy center, Aggie Village Drop-off truck, Recycling Center Drop-off area Car Batteries: Contact: Environmental Health and Safety: http://ehs.usu.edu. Division http://www.loganutah.org
Motor Oil: We only recycle motor oil from Motor Pool vehicles. DO NOT leave motor oil at drop-off areas. Contact auto parts stores, Logan ’s Env. Division, or call

E-Waste: Computers and electronics We DO NOT accept any E-Waste. USU Departments may contact Surplus Sales at 797-2083 or http://www.usu.

If unaccpetable by Surplus Contact: Environmental Health and Safety: http://ehs.usu.edu.