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Faculty Grading Information

We now accept Change of Grade requests through email

How to change a grade through email...

To submit a change of grade request through email, you must use your secure Aggies Exchange Email (name@usu.edu) which is the official email system for Faculty and Staff. We cannot accept requests from aggiemail or any other 3rd party email service. If you do not have an Aggies Exchange email account (name@usu.edu), the dean or department head will need to submit the change of grade on your behalf.

Send your request to changeofgrade@usu.edu and include the following information:

  • Student Name and A-Number
  • Course Information: CRN, Subject, Course, Semester, Year
  • Previous Grade and New Grade

If the change of grade request comes from someone other than the primary instructor of record, the instructor will be copied on the confirmation of the grade change.

If the grade being changed is older than one year, the Dean of the college will be copied on the confirmation of the grade change.

Grade Submission Deadline

The deadline for instructors to submit final grades is within four business days after the last day of final examinations. The last day of final examinations typically occurs on a Friday, so the grading deadline is usually the following Thursday at 5:00 PM. Click here for the documented grading policy (within the Provost's Office Academic Policies and Procedures Manual). Grading for all terms is governed in accordance with this policy.

If you have missed the deadline or you have made errors in the original grade entry, please contact your department, associate dean, or the Registrar's Office. They can instruct you on how to obtain Change of Grade forms.

Please Note: If a person is unable to adhere to the policies above, please contact your dean, associate dean, or department head for more information.

Grade Entry Details

Grade Entry: A grade must be entered for each student on your list prior to the deadline. If a student did not attend or complete your course, an F grade must be assigned. Do not leave blanks. If necessary, a student has the right to pursue an Academic Record Adjustment to straighten out or challenge potential registration errors.

Last Attend Date (LEFT BLANK EXCEPT):
If you assign an F grade to a student, please complete the "Last Attend Date" field (if known).
The last date a student participates in any academically related activity is his or her "Last Attend Date." This includes submitting assignments, taking exams or quizzes, and attendance at labs, study sessions, or tutorials. The "Last Attend Date" for any student who took the final exam is the date of the final.

Students who stop attending and/or participating before 60 percent of the semester is complete may be required to repay some federal financial aid. Graders may ignore the "Attend Hours" field.


When Grades are Processed

Fall and Spring terms: Beginning the first day of Finals Week, submitted grades move to Academic History daily (approximately 4 p.m.). All grades submitted prior to this point become available for viewing via the unofficial transcript (approximately 6 p.m.) after this process is completed. Blackboard users, please note: If you use the grading process in Blackboard, discovered mistakes or changes can be corrected in ACCESS prior to this process.

Summer term: Following the last day of courses for a session (Click here for session details), grades are rolled for seven calendar days. During summer term, instructors may request grade rolls outside of noted calendar dates at schedule@usu.edu.

All submitted grades are FINALIZED during this process. Please input FINAL grades ONLY. "Unentered Grades" remain unaffected by this process. If a grade is submitted and this ROLL occurs, the grade is now OFFICIAL, and any change requires the Change of Grade form. This form may be requested through your department or college offices, or in the Registrar's Office (with Photo ID).

Grading Info

Grade entry is done via ACCESS Canvas. If an Internet connection is unavailable, contact your department or college computer support for the appropriate solution.

If you have questions about grading, please contact the Registrar's Office at (435) 797-1116 or Adam Gleed in the Registrar's Office at (435) 797-7095.

Change of Grade

Once a grade has been reported to the Registrar's Office, it may be changed with an email to changeofgrade@usu.edu or upon the signed authorization of the instructor of record who issued the original grade. In case the instructor is not available, the department head has authority to change the grade, provided the grade was assigned less than one year ago. This applies also to the grade of Incomplete (I). A change of grade after more than one year requires the signature of the academic dean of the college in which the course is offered. In the case of an electronic change of grade request, the dean of the college can submit the approval of the change via email.


What is an “NF” grade?

The university has approved a new grade: NF or Nonparticipating F. This is to be given to students who would normally receive an F, but who did not participate academically in the course at least one time. Participation includes: attending class or lab, taking a quiz or exam, or turning in an assignment. It also includes asking a question by email or participating in an online class discussion but doesn’t include simply logging onto Canvas. The NF grade will need to be manually entered in Banner as Canvas does not recognize this grade and therefore cannot send it into Banner.

Students who receive an F grade must have participated at least once in the course. A Last Day of Attendance (LDA) should be entered in these cases. The LDA encompasses the forms of participation mentioned above. Both the F and NF grade count as zero in GPA calculations.

Federal regulations require the university to document participation for any student receiving aid. Inadequate documentation costs the university thousands of dollars every semester. Using this new grade should reduce the need for the Financial Aid Office to contact you for documentation. The Financial Aid Office will continue to request documentation for students receiving an F without the Last Date of Attendance entered.