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Meet the Staff

Jenny ErazoJenny Erazo
I worked at SAAVI as an intern while getting my degree in social work, and I’ve been the program manager since September 2013. I oversee the advocates, as well as provide advocacy and therapy to survivors of interpersonal violence. I also do outreach events and education for groups on campus.


Felicia GallegosFelicia Marie Gallegos
After graduation, I hope to work in a non-profit setting and eventually as a manager. I’ve been with SAAVI since August 2016 as an advocate. I also provide outreach to the USU community, including training students, staff and faculty in the Upstanding bystander intervention program.

How We Help

Confidential Counseling and Victim Advocacy

We can help you decide the right path for moving forward based on your needs and desired outcome. When you seek services at the SAAVI office, it is confidential.* We will not share information you tell us with anyone else without your permission. These conversations DO NOT trigger a university action or investigation.

We provide emotional support in the aftermath of an assault, including helping you obtain a forensic exam at Cache Valley Hospital, accompanying you to the police or the Title IX office, and helping you navigate resources and reporting options.

*Confidentiality means that information shared by an individual cannot be revealed to any other person without the express permission of the individual, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. Student Code section II-3-B-III.

Coordination of USU Support Services

We can you help navigate the numerous options available at USU for persons that have experienced interpersonal violence including counseling, support and health services.