Medical Care and Forensic Evidence

Sexual Assault Forensic Exam

Cache Valley Hospital
2380 North 400 East, North Logan

After a sexual assault, DNA evidence can be collected from your body, clothing, and other personal belongings. A sexual assault forensic exam, often called a “SAFE exam”, ensures you receive important medical attention and can preserve possible DNA evidence. A forensic exam is ideal within 72 hours after the assault. Cache Valley Hospital is the only hospital in Cache Valley trained and equipped to collect evidence and provide a SAFE exam. Other local clinics and hospitals will refer you to this hospital. If you are not in Cache Valley you can click on the link below to see which hospitals in your area provide the SAFE exam.

Statewide Resource Map

If you choose to get a SAFE exam, try to avoid these activities that could damage evidence:

  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Using the restroom
  • Changing your clothes. If you change your clothes, bring them with you in a paper bag.
  • Combing your hair
  • Cleaning up the area where the an assault occurred

All of these are a natural response after a traumatic experience. If you have already done any of the above activies, DO NOT WORRY, you can still have an exam done. 

Get Medical Care

Student Health Center
850 E. 1200 N, Logan

Even if it has been several weeks since a sexual assault, we encourage you to see a health care provider. You may have injuries or other trauma that isn't visible, and a health care provider can help you access treatment and receive preventative treatment for sexually transmitted infections. For non-emergency medical attention, visit the Student Health Center. If you have concerns about the cost of treatment, talk to us at SAAVI.