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It is a crucial time at Utah State University to educate students of their role in ensuring a safe campus community. SAAVI offers several presentations you can request for your group, club or class. 

Contact SAAVI to learn more or request one of the trainings below.

 Upstanding Bystander Intervention Training

This is a campus-wide program train students how to become active bystanders and look out for their Aggie family. It includes bystander theory, gender roles and biases, barriers to intervention and skills necessary to effectively and safely intervene. There are several trainers for the Upstanding program, including SAAVI's talented interns.

Learn more or request Upstanding

Healthy Relationships

Covers the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships so that students can better identify them within their own life.


We are seeing a rise in social media stalking. This presentation informs students of what to look for as well as what resources are available for them.


This presentation covers how USU defines sexual consent and how to know if consent does not exist.  

Start by Believing

Victims who are met with support and empathy are more likely to report a sexual assault, and victims are more likely to disclose to a friend or roommate than anyone else. This presentation covers how to respond if someone discloses to you that they have experienced an assault.

SAAVI interns and trainers