Scholarship Resources

If you wish to submit an appeal for a scholarship you applied for, complete the online form linked below. Some reasons students submit an appeal is to request a reduced credit hour requirement, explain extenuating circumstances, using their scholarship during summer term, etc.

Notification of Leave or Deferment
Submitting a Notification of Leave may allow current students to pause awarded scholarships and have them applied once they return to school. A Deferment is for students who have not started school yet and need to delay their admission and scholarships for a future semester.

Thank You Letter Tips
Upon being awarded a scholarship, it is important to thank the donor who made the scholarship possible. The link below provides a document with seven tips for writing the letter.

Aggie First Scholars
Aggie First Scholars is a student success program dedicated to the persistence of first-generation college students (FGS) at USU; meaning the parents of our scholars did not attend college or earn a four-year U.S. degree.

Veterans Resources
USU provides veterans, service members and their families the highest level of support as they pursue their academic, career and personal goals at Utah State University. Discover how they could help you.

Dates and Deadlines
The university calendar provides quick access to all the important dates and deadlines students need to know.

University Agreements
University Agreements are created to provide financial support to initiatives that may align with the mission of Utah State University.

Staff Resources
We have compiled a variety of resources to help staff and departments with scholarship related items. This resources page will require single sign one (SSO) authorization.