"A" Pin Award

The "A" Pin is one of the oldest academic awards at Utah State University. Initiated in 1910, it is presented by the Dean of the College of Science to undergraduate students. It acknowledges and rewards students who achieve all A grades (4.0 GPA) while carrying 15 graded credit hours for two consecutive semesters. Courses for which a P (Pass) grade is received do not qualify for graded credits.

The pin features USU's iconic Old Main Tower and includes the word "scholarship," denoting the highest marks in scholarly achievement. 

* Each asterisk indicates an additional "A" Pin award earned by the student.

A pin award

Spring 2023 Award Recipients

Name Major
Bryan Armenta Valdez* Computer Science
Ethan Bardsley Biology
Jeffrey Blotter* Biology
Tyler Bowden* Mathematics & Statistics
Connor Bringhurst Computer Science
Nathaniel Butler Mathematics & Statistics
Gretchen Call Biology
Luke Collings Biology
Sage Crowther Chemistry & Biochemistry
Gabriel Decker Physics
Isabella DeJesus Biology
Jacob Ethridge Biology
Jackson Fager Chemistry & Biochemistry
Spencer Fairbanks* Biology
Caden Gee Biology
Benjamin Gittins Physics
Carter Green Mathematics & Statistics
John Griffeth Biology
Sofiia Hakh Chemistry & Biochemistry
Mia Hammond Biology
Jared Hansen* Computer Science
Emeline Haroldsen** Mathematics & Statistics
Jaeden Haynes Mathematics & Statistics
Maliah Jolley Chemistry & Biochemistry
Emily Kuehnl Biology
Alexander Lemon Biology
KaitLynn May Mathematics & Statistics
Britton McWilliams Mathematics & Statistics
David Mendenhall* Computer Science
Samuel Moore  Computer Science
Audrey Mullen* Biology
Kollin Murphy** Computer Science
Katherine Numbers Computer Science
Teancum Price Mathematics & Statistics
Trent Rasmussen Biology
Matthew Rau* Computer Science
Benjamin Rich Computer Science
Justin Riding Chemistry & Biochemistry
Justin Roylance  Computer Science
Sydney Schmidt Chemistry & Biochemistry
Tyler Seeley* Chemistry & Biochemistry
Emma Sharp* Biology
Matthew Staten* Chemistry & Biochemistry
Torek Swensen Chemistry & Biochemistry
Casen Thompson**  Mathematics & Statistics
Ethon Van Noy  Biology
Connor Waite*  Physics
Andrew Watson* Physics
Cory Watts* Biology