"A" Pin Award

The "A" Pin is one of the oldest academic awards at Utah State University. Initiated in 1910, it is presented by the Dean of the College of Science to undergraduate students. It acknowledges and rewards students who achieve all A grades (4.0 GPA) while carrying 15 graded credit hours for two consecutive semesters. Courses for which a P (Pass) grade is received do not qualify for graded credits.

The award pin features USU's iconic Old Main Tower and includes the word "scholarship," denoting the highest marks in scholarly achievement. 

* Each asterisk indicates an additional "A" Pin award earned by the student.

A pin award

Spring 2022 Award Recipients

Name Major
Madilyn Aardema Biology
Isaac Airmet* Computer Science
Ryan Anderson** Computer Science
Bryan Armenta Valdez Computer Science
Josette Ball* Mathematics & Statistics
Jeffrey Blotter Biology
Tyler Bowden Mathematics & Statistics
Jordan Broadbent Biology
Wes Christensen Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nicole Cook Biology
John Cox* Mathematics & Statistics
Trey Crowther* Computer Science
Kiara D'Amico Biology
Morgan Fisher Biology
Madyson Gray** Chemistry & Biochemistry
Max Haehnel Physics
Lindsay Hand Mathematics & Statistics
Jared Hansen Computer Science
Emeline Haroldsen* Mathematics & Statistics
Lauren Heaps Mathematics & Statistics
Parker Hicks Chemistry & Biochemistry
Logan Hunt Computer Science
Trevor Jex Computer Science
Hayden Johns Biology
Dylan Julander** Chemistry & Biochemistry
Josh Lowry Chemistry & Biochemistry
Josh Lund Biology
Logan Mano Computer Science
Joshua McClung* Computer Science
David Mendenhall Computer Science
Ethan Meredith* Biology
Wesley Mills* Physics
Nathan Moore Computer Science
Jonathan Mousley** Mathematics & Statistics
Audrey Mullen Biology
Spencer Mullen Biology
Kollin Murphy* Computer Science
Aryan Osqueezadeh Computer Science
Marcus Quincy** Computer Science
Austin Ramsey* Biology
Matt Rau Computer Science
Makenna Roberts Physics
Tyler Seeley Chemistry & Biochemistry
Emma Sharp Biology
Stockton Smith Computer Science
Matthew Staten Chemistry & Biochemistry
April Swalberg Mathematics & Statistics
Caleb Syndergaard* Computer Science
Kaden Takacs Computer Science
Casen Thompson* Mathematics & Statistics
Maddie Wahlen Biology
Connor Waite Physics
Andrew Watson Physics
Andrew Williams** Chemistry & Biochemistry
Olivia Woodward Chemistry & Biochemistry
Margaret Zimmer Biology