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Science Unwrapped Times

Science Unwrapped TitleEntering its eighth year, the college’s popular Science Unwrapped public outreach program continues to draw inquiring minds, ranging in age from preschoolers to seniors, to its monthly events.

What if artificially intelligent machines take over the world? If no human ever saw a dinosaur, how do we know what they were like? The Great Salt Lake is ten times saltier than the ocean, so nothing should be able to live in it, right?

Those questions and more have been explored at recent gatherings, which draw some 400 guests to each event.

“We ask our guests to bring their science questions and we promise to supply scientists to address them,” says Nancy Huntly, Biology professor, director of the USU Ecology Center and chair of Science Unwrapped. “It’s a lot of fun and we always have a great time.”

Each event features a talk, followed by hands-on learning activities provided by student, faculty and community volunteers.

“Our activities create a multigenerational environment that allows people of all ages to enjoy learning together,” Huntly says. “They also provide a rich training environment for budding science communicators.

To learn more, visit science /unwrapped and the “Science Unwrapped at USU” Facebook and Twitter pages.