a day of giving

'A' Day of Giving

College of Science alum Dr. Willy Lensch BS'91 offers a generous $2,000 match to give us a running start on our Thursday, Oct. 6 ‘A’ Day of Giving! Join us in making the most of each dollar you give during this 24-hour campaign.


This Homecoming, create your Aggie Impact by supporting the College of Science Scholarship Fund. This fund enables the college to provide multiple scholarships each year to undergraduate science majors, who demonstrate high academic ability, personal integrity, civic leadership, and financial need.

The difference between an Aggie scholar reaching their full potential in the College of Science or forgoing their dreams could be you. Read about outstanding scholars, who are benefiting from your generosity:

Heather Stout 

“Though I was lucky to come to college with some scholarships and money I’d saved from summer jobs, completing my degree has taken longer than anticipated. As a freshman, I set a goal of graduating debt-free and this scholarship is helping me achieve that.”

Owen Graham 

“I’m very grateful for scholarship support. It’s really nice to not have to worry about funds and focus on school. This scholarship will allow me the time to pursue meaningful research and prepare for grad school.”

Parker Hicks 

“Receiving a College of Science Scholarship has allowed me to put more passion, time, and energy into what actually matters to my future career and goals, rather than stressing about how I am going to fund all of it. It has given me increased freedom to excel."

I Give Because ...

a scholarship I received, that was generously provided by a donor, made it possible for me to start my freshman year at Utah State. The scholarship was my seed corn - the push that allowed my boat to leave the shore. That gift, among the most cherished of my life, gave me the gift of my future. Without it, I have no idea where or who I would be today.

- USU alum M. William “Willy” Lensch, PhD
Strategic Advisor, Harvard Medical School

Because You Give ...

the College of Science Scholarship helped me a ton last year! It allowed me to focus my time on academics and resume-building experiences during the school year, rather than working at a non-future career-related job. This was helpful in allowing me to learn how much I enjoy teaching and being in the classroom as an educator, encouraging me to continue to pursue my career goal of being a high school physics and chemistry teacher.

- Ashley Flake, Physical Science Composite Teaching major
2020 College of Science Scholarship recipient