College of Science Promotion and Tenure Process

The guidance provided here should be considered advisory. Read the Faculty Code closely for formal requirements. In the end, it is the candidate’s responsibility to construct an Interfolio case that describes accomplishments effectively.  The Provost's Office provides an overview of the promotion process as a resource for any questions. Additionally, faculty can email Associate Dean French or Traci Hillyard with questions. 

For purposes of promotion and tenure, the USU Faculty Code specifies that performance in the major area of emphasis must be judged to be “excellent” and performance in the remaining area(s) of emphasis must be judged to be “effective.” Note that this is true for tenured, tenure-track, and term appointment faculty.

USU Office of the Provost
USU Promotion and Tenure Resources
Provost's Office Promotion and Tenure Deadline Chart
Visual Approximation of Promotion Process at USU 
Supplemental Guidance
Sections of Interfolio
USU Faculty Code / Policy 405

1st Year Faculty Member

Near the beginning of the 1st year of employment at USU, faculty members will be onboarded to the P&T process.  A faculty committee will be formed. During Fall Semester, a lunch or breakfast training with the Associate Dean over Faculty will be held.  Interfolio use is encouraged but not required at this phase.

The training will include:

  • Interfolio Overview/Training
  • P&T Process
  • Applicable Deadlines 


All academic units will appoint ombudspersons to serve in the promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review processes, as explained in USU Policy 405.6.5. The ombudsperson is responsible for ensuring that the rights of the candidate and the University are protected and that due process is followed.
The College of Science will appoint ombudspersons to all committees when they are first formed and the committee should work to schedule meetings with their assigned ombudsperson each year. Any concerns can be discussed with Associate Dean French.

Utah State University produced an important video that depicts faculty evaluation scenarios that demonstrate the advantages of an ombudsperson system.

Ombudsperson List
Ombudsperson Training 
Ombudsperson Guidelines

Committee Chair

The Committee Chair is responsible to coordinate meetings in a timely manner, ensuring the inclusion of all committte members, the candidate, and the assigned omsbudperson.  The Committee Chair directs the meeting, drafts the letter, and arranges for the letter to be sent for electronic signatures (including the omsbudperson).  A fully signed letter must be submitted to the department head and college Interfolio administrator by the required date. 

Chairperson Training