USU's College of Science is committed to a rigorous and ongoing assessment process. At the college level this process includes: a survey completed by all graduating students; college graduation requirements for course work in mathematics and statistics and major level science outside of the student's discipline; and personal exit interviews of graduating seniors by the dean. This information guides curriculum and resource decisions made by the dean, associate deans and college curriculum committee.
Our commitment to teaching excellence is reflected in the fact that, since its inception in 2003, four of our six departments have received the university's "Teaching Excellence Award."
The majority of the work on the direct assessment of the curriculum, including individual courses, majors, emphases and minors is conducted by the six departments. They are guided in their assessment by the dean's office, but each has developed individualized assessment plans and practices based on disciplinary standards and best practices, their unique faculty and students and professional accrediting bodies. Each department's assessment plan, data and results can be seen by following the links below:



Chemistry and Biochemistry


Mathematics and Statistics