USU Motor Pool is located at 900 East 1400 North in Logan; telephone: 435-797-3145; click here to visit their website.

Do You Drive on University Business, Drive University Vehicles or Other State-Owned Vehicles?


Effective immediately, all persons driving on university business must complete online driver training every TWO years. This is a change from the previous 3-year requirement for some drivers and the annual training requirement for people who drive as a regular part of their job.


We recommend taking care of this as soon as possible so that it's not an issue when you prepare for a work-related trip.


Online Driver Training Procedure:


1)  Go to


2)  View the video.


3)  Take the online test. (We recommend referencing the Utah Driver's Handbook to prepare for the test. An online link to the handbook is available on the Driver Video Test site or you can pick up a paper copy at any Utah Division of Motor Vehicles office.)


4)  Print the "Certificate of Completion." Keep a copy for your files, give your supervisor a copy to keep on file with your department AND send a copy to USU Motor Pool: Departments are responsible for ensuring employee compliance with this training requirement.


If you are a new USU driver, you must also complete a "Driver's Authorization": . Send this completed form and a copy of your Certificate of Completion of Driver Training to the USU Motor Pool at UMC 9000.



If you have any questions, please call the University Risk Management Office at 435-797-1844.