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Name Title Phone Email
Hagan, Dr. Maura Dean, USU College of Science / Professor (Physics) 435-797-2488 maura.hagan@usu.edu
Hansen, Dr. Dane Research Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-7548 daneh@biology.usu.edu
Hansen, Dr. Steven Research Associate Professor (Physics); Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences 435-755-4343 jsh@chaos.idec.sdl.usu.edu
Hanson, Genie Accounting Assistant II / Graduate Secretary (Computer Science) 435-797-2451 genie@cc.usu.edu
Harris, Douglas (Doug) Lecturer (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1609 doug.harris@usu.edu
Harris, Marianne Greenhouse Manager (Biology) 435-797-3341 marianne@biology.usu.edu
Hayes, Dr. Pattie Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-722-1756 pattie.hayes@usu.edu
Heal, Dr. E. Robert (Bob) Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-2853 robert.heal@usu.edu
Heaton, Erika Office Assistant (Biology) 435-797-2496 eheaton@biology.usu.edu
Hedin, Kellie Sponsored Programs Administrator 435-797-0470 kellie.hedin@usu.edu
Held, Dr. Eric D. Associate Professor (Physics) 435-797-7166 eheld@cc.usu.edu
Hengge, Dr. Alvan C. Department Head / Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-3442 alvan.hengge@usu.edu
Hevel, Dr. Joan (Joanie) M. Assistant Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1622 joanie.hevel@usu.edu
Hirschi, Lori Office Manager (Geology) 435-797-0515 lori.hirschi@usu.edu
Hooper, Rand Research Technician (Biology) 435-797-3567 rhooper@biology.usu.edu
Howard, Kris Budget Officer (Biology) 435-797-2483 kris@biology.usu.edu
Howland, Dr. Peg Assistant Professor (Mathematics & Statistics) 435-797-3302 peg.howland@usu.edu
Hubbard, Dr. John L. Associate Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 435-797-1641 john.hubbard@usu.edu
Hubbard, Dr. Mary S. Vice Provost for Global Engagement / Professor (Geology) 435-797-3515 mary.hubbard@usu.edu
Hughes, Dr. Joanne E. Research Assistant Professor (Biology) 435-797-3552 hughesje@biology.usu.edu
Hunter, Maegan Business Assistant (Biology) 435-797-7604 maegan@biology.usu.edu
Huntly, Dr. Nancy J. Director, USU Ecology Center / Professor (Biology) 435-797-2555 nancy.huntly@usu.edu