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College Ambassadors

USU College of Science Ambassadors are outstanding student representatives of the college's six academic departments. The scholars are nominated by their departments for service as ambassadors, whose duties include helping with recruitment events and the college's Science Unwrapped public outreach program. Ambassadors share their academic experiences with prospective students and their parents, as well as current USU students seeking information about science majors. The college applauds our ambassadors, who enthusiastically and diligently represent our strengths and the opportunities we offer to aspiring scientists and science professionals.


Zach Liang

Major: Biology Statistics and Economics Dual Major with Minors in Quantitative Finance and Mathematics

I came to Utah State not really knowing a single person. Without really meaning to I quickly became involved in greek life and found an amazing community welcoming of all ideas. Over the past few years, I have become more involved, teaching a recitation for Math 3310, becoming the President of Alpha Sigma Phi, treasurer for the Order of Omega (Greek honor society), VP of Student Events for the College of Science Council, and a member of Dairy Science club. All of this has shown me that the more you put into being involved the more you get out. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, climbing, and backpacking. I also play ice hockey in a rec league.

Zach's advice to USU students

Get involved, you will make friends that will last a lifetime. If you feel scared to approach people, find an activity to do consistently and you will be able to meet people through that.

Heather Hall

Heather Hall

Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry

I am currently a Junior attending Utah state, majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Chemistry. My hopes are to attend DO school so that I can become a pediatric doctor. USU has been such a positive experience for me with all the amazing professors, classes, students, and activities. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors, playing volleyball, and really just doing anything with my friends. I currently hold a position on the Science Council, I am the Co-president and player on the USU Women's Club Volleyball Team, and now a Science Ambassador. Whenever I get the chance I also volunteer at the Humane Society and with the English Language Center. I'm happy to help however I can. Go Aggies!

Heather's advice to USU students

My advice would be to utilize the resources that USU offers. There are a lot of great programs, facilities, people, and activities that are at your disposal, so use them! And it's okay to ask for help, we're all figuring this out together.

Chloe Geddes

Geology (BS) and Anthropology (Minor)

I chose to attend USU because of the Geoscience department. Other schools I have been to would have never been able to give me the opportunities to grow and network. It really does feel like a big family where you want to go on trips with crazy aunts/uncles, hang out with fun cousins, parents putting in a good word to get you that first job, and the easy going competitiveness between siblings. I love to meet and work with all of the different kinds of people at USU as well as live in such a beautiful place. I like to dip my toes in a lot of extracurricular activities inside and outside of the university such as being the president of the Geology Club (Feel free to join us, it's fun!).

Chloe's advice to USU students

Ask questions and show interest. Asking questions keeps the class dynamic and prevents professors from going into robot mode. You wouldn't believe the opportunities I've been given just because of a dropped comment about thinking something was cool or expressing a desire to learn how to do something.

Kamie Champlin

Kamie Champlin

Major: Statistics and Economics (dual major)

My name is Kamie and I'm a junior double majoring in Statistics and Economics. I love meeting new people and when I’m not studying, you’ll find me spending time with friends, doing research with the Huntsman School of Business, cooking, running, or hiking in Logan canyon! I am from Logan and have always been a fan of USU due to the influence of family and friends that are alumni. But it wasn’t until I became a student that I came to completely fall in love with this university and my Aggie family! I love our beautiful campus, welcoming culture and the opportunities I've had to excel in my programs. I am confident my time at USU will be a wonderful springboard to whatever the future holds!

Kamie's advice to USU students

Work hard and have fun! Take your classes seriously and take opportunities to branch out and be involved in campus life. Your experience at USU is whatever you make of it. Don’t be afraid push yourself academically, try new things, or meet new people—they could become lifelong friends!

Joe Halling

Joe Halling

Major- Biochemistry Minors- Biology, Psychology, German

I grew up in Cache Valley and my parents both teach at USU. My dad is the Department Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering and my mom is an instructor also in the College of Engineering. On top of that, all my siblings have gone to USU. So growing up, I was basically indoctrinated (in a good way) to love USU. All of that, plus the scholarships I was able to get, made it an easy decision for me. I love playing lacrosse, skiing, eating, movies, traveling and hanging out with my friends. I am majoring in Biochem because I love the sciences and is a very useful major to get into future professional schools.

Joe's advice to USU students

Get involved and enjoy hanging out with friends. However, don't waste your first year. Make sure you stay on top of your grades and do well. It's harder to dig yourself out of a hole created in your first year. Enjoy every moment. #gwaggies

Hailey Hatch

Hailey Hatch

Biology: Ecology and Biodiversity major and chemistry minor

I am a senior studying Biology with an emphasis in Ecology and Biodiversity. I am also minoring in chemistry. I love science and hope to study marine sciences in my future education. I am also a part of the Honors College. I work in the Schaeffer Lab on campus studying complex eco-evolutionary relationships. I also work at Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy when I am not in Logan. I love music, art, learning, and spending time outdoors and with friends. I want to encourage current and future Aggies to reach for lofty goals and expand their horizons because to me my college experience has been all about pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and learning as much as I can.

Nathan's advice to USU students

Learn to say yes! I promise that one word will change your life more than anything. Try the thing you never thought you ever would, talk to the people you never thought you would, and try things just for the sake of trying.

Kayla DeSpain

Kayla DeSpain

Major: Mathematics/Statistics Education, Minor: Family and Human Development

I've wanted to attend Utah State my whole life as I come from a family of Aggies! My time here at Utah State and the College of Science has been amazing and filled with many wonderful opportunities to get involved in student life. I chose to major in Math/Stats Education because math has been a passion of mine since elementary school and I want to be able to share that passion with others. My goal is to become a high school AP Calculus teacher! When I'm not doing math I love to play the piano, have game nights, watch hockey, and explore the beautiful Logan Canyon!

Kayla's advice to USU students

Find a hobby or passion outside of your field of study! That way when you get overwhelmed and stressed with school you have something that you can go to to help give your mind a needed break.

Joseph Bingham

Joseph Bingham

Major: Geology, Minor: Biology

I came to USU because I heard of its amazing Geology Department. I am majoring in Geology and minoring in Biology. I am so glad that I can choose to take specific classes to help prepare me for my future! Some of my hobbies include hiking, camping, reading, and cooking! I adore the Geoscience Department and want as many people as possible to join it! It is the best! I am involved in Geology Club, a great place to learn about so many things about the Earth!

Joseph's advice to USU students

My three pieces of advice are these: one, get a map of campus so you know where your next class is; two, join at least one club, and three, study for each test over an extended period, not cramming everything in at the last moment.

Camila Summers

Camila Summers

Major: Biochemistry

I have always had a deep fascination and love for space exploration. Utah State University has put a unique amount of effort in research related to space. As a student with the ambition of working in the space industry USU's numerous partnerships with NASA a well as the fascinating research opportunities offered by The College of Science made Utah State University the perfect choice for me. From an early age, chemistry has always been my favorite subject, and I have always been particularly fascinated by the chemistry of the human body. My dream is to work in a research lab that studies the effects that space flight has on astronauts at a molecular level.

Camila's advice to USU students

I would advise students to get involved in undergraduate research as soon as possible. I believe that the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience as an undergraduate student is invaluable and should be appreciated to the fullest.