College Ambassadors

USU College of Science Ambassadors are outstanding student representatives of the college's six academic departments. The scholars are nominated by their departments for service as ambassadors, whose duties include helping with recruitment events and the college's Science Unwrapped public outreach program. Ambassadors share their academic experiences with prospective students and their parents, as well as current USU students seeking information about science majors. The college applauds our ambassadors, who enthusiastically and diligently represent our strengths and the opportunities we offer to aspiring scientists and science professionals.

Sara Prettyman

Sara Prettyman

Major: Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Statistics. Minor in American Sign Language

I chose to come to USU due to the proximity of my family and a competitive scholarship. I am triple majoring in Applied and Computational math as well as Statistics. I love seeing and applying math in almost everything I do, and one day hope to be able to do analytics for a global organization such as the United Nations. I am currently involved in the Government Relations Council, College of Science Council, and Data Science Club. Doing extracurricular activities at USU has really impacted me and made my experience here worthwhile. Outside of class I like to skateboard, run, play music, and spend time with my friends.

Sara's advice to USU students

Your peers, advisors, and ambassadors are here to help you! Picking classes and trying to figure out extracurriculars can be very overwhelming starting off, but there are so many other students who have been through the same thing and would love to help you. All you got to do is ask!

Ethan Meredith

Dthan Meredith

Major: Biology with an emphasis in Human Biology, Minors: Organizational Communication, Chemistry

I have been an Aggie since 2016 and I now feel like Logan is more my home than anywhere else. I am majoring in Human Biology, and have minors in Organizational Communication, and Chemistry. I split my time between school, my job at a local urgent care, the research lab, and studying for the MCAT. I spend my free time with my wife studying the art of pickleball and chasing high mountain views. In the College of Science, I have found a sense of amazement that changes how I see the world.

Ethan's advice to USU students

Don't be afraid to ask. There are opportunities all over USU that people miss out on just because they never ask, "Hey can I do that?". Just keep asking and you will be welcomed and involved.

Owen Graham

Owen Graham

Majors: Physics, Mathematics Minors: Computer Science

I wanted to come here to USU because of the emphasis that USU puts on undergraduate research and because of the freedom in my schedule to take classes and major in what interests me. I love the campus community and being involved in communities like the Honors program, AFS, College of Science, Office of Research and so many others. I am so happy for my decision to come to Utah State and would do be happy to talk about my experiences and resources I’m aware of so feel free to reach out if you see me on campus! Go Aggies!

Owen's advice to USU students

Explore all of your interests, make friends with everyone and find a way to be involved; clubs, sports, classes etc. also, take advantage of all of the tutoring/coaching/office hours you have at your disposal.

Joe Halling

Joe Halling

Major: Major: Biochemistry Minors: Biology, Psychology, German

I grew up in Cache Valley and my parents both teach at USU. My dad is the Department Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering and my mom is an instructor also in the College of Engineering. On top of that, all my siblings have gone to USU. So growing up, I was basically indoctrinated (in a good way) to love USU. All of that, plus the scholarships I was able to get, made it an easy decision for me. I love playing lacrosse, skiing, eating, movies, traveling and hanging out with my friends. I am majoring in Biochem because I love the sciences and is a very useful major to get into future professional schools. I have loved attending Utah State since my freshman year, and I know you will too.

Joe's advice to USU students

Get involved. There are so many things to do at USU. Enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new friends. However, don't waste your first year. Make sure you stay on top of your grades and do well. It's harder to dig yourself out of a hole created in your first year. Enjoy every moment. #gwaggies

Megan Rasmussen

Megan Rasmussen

Major- Math Education, entrepreneurship

USU has always been my dream school ever since I went to an Aggie football game with my family when I was younger. I am a fourth generation Aggie and LOVE it! I am studying Math Ed and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I love to teach and am excited to help others to not hate math. In my free time I love all things sports and active. USU is the perfect place to explore mountains, camp, hike, and have your choice of intramurals sports to participate in. I love the family I have in Logan and want to help other students prioritize their education, still have a social life, and join the Aggie family! College is to learn AND have fun!!

Megan's advice to USU students

GET INVOLVED!! Join the councils, the clubs, the co Ed sports. Nobody knows what they are doing so don't be intimidated. Just do your best and go to the activities. They are a blast and you meet so many amazing people! Friends are what make college worth it and doable!!

Grace Allen

Grace Allen

Major in Biochemistry & minor in German

I’ve had friends & family attend USU and had heard nothing but amazing things about the campus, classes, atmosphere & people. I’m originally from Provo & decided to go to college down there but, I soon realized my mistake & transferred to Utah State as a sophomore. And I have LOVED my time here & can say all the positive things I’ve heard are 100% true! I’m majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in German. I love to camp, bake, read, be in the mountains, and nap! I love the CoS here at USU & I want to help other students find their place within USU & recognize the resources and opportunities available here!

Grace's advice to USU students

Take advantage of SI & UTF reviews and meetings! Go to school events. (work hard, play hard!) Meet with your advisor! Find out about undergraduate research opportunities early. Use the free math & science tutoring available!!

Seth Wilcox

Seth Wilcox

Major- Physics Minor Math

I am originally from South Dakota, but moved to Logan in high school and got to know the diverse opportunities Utah State provides, and I wanted to be a part of them!! I am a Physics major and am doing a Math minor, and have worked as a recitation leader for math and have loved helping students there. In my free time, I play ultimate(both here at USU and in the community) and love watching movies with my family. I also love kayaking, spikeball and basically any outdoor game.

Seth's advice to USU students

USU provides every opportunity for you to be successful. Most of the time, we forget to take advantage of those resources, but they are always there! This is a place where we as students can make our dreams real!

Cristian Soto

Cristian Soto

Major: Biology with an emphasis in Human Biology Minor: Chemistry

I chose to attend USU because I am a Cache valley native and have always been enamored with our University's legacy of life-long learners. I am majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Chemistry. It has been an incredibly rewarding academic journey so far, opening doors to current and future opportunities I never saw myself capable of attaining. During my free time, I like to play sports, try new foods, and spend time outdoors. I love the College of Science and I aspire to help more first-generation minority students thrive in their respective Department. I am involved in the Aggies First Scholar program and TRIO Student Support Services. I am also a volunteer for Rocky Mountain Hospice.

Cristian's advice to USU students

First and foremost, don't be intimidated or shy to speak up and get involved with things you are passionate about. Your academic journey will go by fast; create memories and relationships that will inspire and propel you in your future career. And lastly, remember you are not alone! You can do this!

Heather Hall

Heather Hall

Major: Human Biology Minor: Chemistry

Choosing to be an Aggie was one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve made. Aside from family previously attending and friends from High School coming with me, the reputation Utah State made it a no brainer. I am a Human Biology major with a minor in Chemistry. I am a Science Ambassador, a member of the Science Council, and apart of the presidency for USU’s Women Club Volleyball. In my free time I love playing volleyball with my friends, reading, running, doing yoga, and much more. When I’m not doing that, I work at the Hospital and volunteer with Loaves and Fishes. I have loved my experience here in Logan, and I hope you do too!

Heather's advice to USU students

Don’t be afraid to branch out and take opportunities that are presented to you. As a senior I can say that your time here is going to fly by so, don’t get to the end and have any regrets. Meet new people, participate in activities, and make sure to have fun along the way!

Jessica Jorgensen

Jessica Jorgensen

Major- Math and Statistics Composite Minor- German 

My name is Jessica Jorgensen! I transferred to Utah State for my Sophomore year of college. I transferred to Utah State because I really like the sense of community on campus; for such a big University, I feel like Utah State has a special way of making its students feel like they are part of something special. The statistics program in the Math and Stat. department also helped me make the switch. I'm glad I did! During my free time I love to read and watch movies. I'm also training for my first marathon; I've really loved how having that goal helps motivate me to stay active! I'm a recitation leader for the Math and Statistics department; I also love coaching youth sports back home!

Jessica's advice to USU students

The best advice I can give to new students is "ask for help when you need it." Go to office hours and tutoring centers. If you have to work during college, try to get a job working with in a department you're interested in. It will help you be involved on campus and make useful connections.