Find Your Path

Find your bearings and get involved in something you're passionate about. Whether that's research, academic competitions, or student government, there's something for everyone at USU.


The College of Science and its academic departments host a variety of clubs, including campus chapters of national and international academic and professional organizations. Get involved in learning, networking, service, career development and fun.


Getting involved in research enables you to put what you learn in the classroom to work in meaningful ways. USU offers enriching opportunities to conduct research, gain funding for your research and present your research, as you prepare for future endeavors.



Student Leadership

The College of Science benefits from the student-led, undergraduate Science Council and student-elected Science Senator. Graduate Students are represented by the student-led Graduate Council. Learn more about leadership opportunities within the college.

Career Services

Utah State provides a comprehensive Career Design Center, to help you prepare for a fulfilling future. Learn about job opportunities to help you fund your education and gain experience. Benefit from career coaching, internships, career fairs, how to apply for grad studies and more.


The College of Science offers many ways to get involved in STEM and general outreach. Learn about varied outreach opportunities for which you can volunteer.


Are you looking for a better understanding of concepts that you are learning in your Science class? Is there a difficult Math or Chemistry formula that you need help solving? Would you like someone to look over your big paper and give you some feedback before you turn it in? The College of Science has many resources to help you achieve academic success. We want you to succeed!