Graduate Students

Resources for current graduate students, including contact information for our leadership team, financial aid details, involvement opportunitities, upcoming events, and academic resources.

Campus Life

Your graduate experience involves much more than academics. USU and the surrounding area provides a wonderful environment to live, work and play. The following links will help you identify housing, navigate campus, and explore the world around you.

Mental Health Resources

A variety of mental health resources are available on campus and throughout the community. The following links provide a good starting point.

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships and other financial aid are available from each department, the College of Science, and the School of Graduate Studies.

Additional financial aid information for prospective students can be found at the School of Graduate Studies.


Stay informed about events and opportunties for graduate students in the USU College of Science.

Making the most of your graduate education

What am I supposed to learn as a graduate student? How will I develop a plan to succeed? Visit the grad students experience page to access resources designed to help you make the most of your graduate education.

Professional Development Resources

Graduate School Academic Forms

Degree Completion

College Calendar

Events and deadlines for graduate students in the College of Science.


Get involved in Science clubs and committees, or participate in events. You can improve campus, learn new skills, and help your peers excel as part of the Aggie Family.

Graduate Student Council

The College of Science Graduate Student Council consists of members from each department and works with the School of Graduate Studies Student Council to promote programs that enhance graduate student wellbeing and interests.

Science/Math Clubs

College of Science students can get involved with a number of departmental clubs which focus on scientific competitions or events within specific fields of study. Alternatively, more-general clubs are open to students with broad interests through the Utah State University Student Association.

The USU Val R. Christensen Service Center helps students become actively involved with serving students and the community. Students are encouraged to give back through service with one of the 30+ organizations within the Service Center, including Aggie Health, Best Buddies USU, and Students Together Ending Poverty.


Looking for something else? Here's a list of other helpful links to the resources you may be searching for: