College of Science Student Council

The college’s Science Council is a group of dedicated student volunteers, who strive to provide enriching activities and opportunities for all Aggie science students. Led by the college’s student-elected USU Student Association senator, the council plans the college’s annual “Science Week” featuring campus-wide activities, as well as events throughout the year.

The council organizes networking events to encourage current students to meet with college alumni, along with academic-enriching workshops to improve study skills and social events aimed at integrating new students into college life. In addition, the council conducts service events, including the annual “Stuff-a-Bus” food drive benefiting USU’s Student Nutrition Access Center and the Cache Community Food Pantry.

College of Science Student Council Application for 2022-2023 is now open.  Applications will close the April 22nd for the position of President. All other applications will be accepted until the April 30th.

Student Council Application

Jonathan Mousley - Science Senator

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Mechanical Engineering

I began at USU as a Mechanical Engineering student but after completing my required mathematics education at the close of my Freshman year, I realized I was more attracted to mathematics than engineering itself. Since that time, I've studied both the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, focusing mostly on the latter. I'm passionate about problem solving and have been fortunate to participate in undergraduate research projects in the areas of graph theory, numerical linear algebra, and geometry processing. As your Senator, I'm highly motivated to expand access to the opportunities at USU that have made my college experience exceptional.

Jonathan's Advice to USU Students:

"Challenging yourself is important, but surrounding yourself with people who respect you and believe in you should be your top priority. Unfortunately, our time as undergraduates is temporary. Make the most of the opportunitites to build connections with others in and outside your field(s) of study. Find ways to strengthen your skills to colloborate and empathize with others. Interpersonal skills matter! There may be times during your education at USU when you feel like you don't belong here. There isn't a worse lie than this. You belong, we want you here."

Kaden Bunch - President

Major: Biology

Minors: Spanish, Entrepeneurship

My desire to do research and to be part of a college town brought me to USU. I am studying biology to prepare to enter medical school. Besides the science aspect of my life, I am minoring in Spanish and Entrepreneurship, the latter influencing me to start a business 3 years ago, which is still going strong today! In my free time, you'll often find me outdoors climbing, boating, or in the winter, snowboarding. 

Kaden's Advice to USU Students:

"Although a large portion, college isn't all about classes and good grades. I've found the most beneficial experience I've gained here has been the opportunity to form relationships with those around me. Since coming to USU, I've become part of a research lab. I've joined groups that share similar views as I do, and I've started two businesses with other students. Don't be afraid to be rejected; the worst someone can say is no. Maybe you'll get a hundred no's, but eventually, you'll find what you are looking for."

Manuel Santana - VP of Undergraduate Research Involvement

Major: Computational and Applied Mathematics

Minors: Computer Science

I came to USU because it was the right sized campus, with the small campus feel but plenty of good opportunities for me. I am studying applied and computational math and love the ability of math to solve the problems of the twenty-first century. I hope to become a researching math professor. At USU I have done research with Dr. Zhao and Dr. Brown, and have also done research with professors from other universities.  Outside of math I enjoy cooking, being on USU collegiate handball team, and going on adventures with my wife Emily.

Manuel's Advice to USU Students:

"If something looks fun or interesting just go for it. You will have more opportunities to try things in college than possibly any other time in your life. It is amazing the opportunities that are available if you seek them out."

Madison Ohlensehlen - VP of Peer Mentorship

Major: Chemistry

Minors: Biochemistry

I grew up an Aggie fan, and knew from a young age that this is where I wanted to end up. When I got to high school and started researching colleges, it still felt like home to me. Utah State University has such a welcoming and loving community while also providing a great education to prepare me for my future. I am studying chemistry, with an emphasis in biochemistry. I continue to be drawn to the science and math involved with each new chemistry class I take. I plan to use my degree and knowledge in chemistry to prepare for medical school. I believe that a background in chemistry will allow me to be an innovative and valuable asset in the medical field. In my free time I love to go to sporting events around campus (Go Aggies!), head into Logan Canyon to do anything from hammocking to snowboarding, or play Spike Ball with my friends. I am also a Peer Mentor for the USU 1010 Connections class.

Madison's Advice to USU Students:

"Have fun! Find a good balance that works for you including school, clubs, and social life. Take advantage of every opportunity (clubs, friends, intramurals, research, etc) that Utah State has to offer, when you register fill your schedule with required classes along with ones that interest you, and don’t let time fly too fast!"

Jaxton Winder - VP of Student Advocacy

Major: Computer Science

Minors: Computational Mathematics

I originally came to USU for the Graphic Design program, found my way to Engineering, and then ended up finding my home within the College of Science in both the Computer Science and Math departments. While finding my path, I became a Math tutor and TA. While being a Math tutor, I found out many things about myself: Mathematics and Computer Science will be my majors, and my calling in life is to help others. I eventually moved over to work in the Department of Computer Science as a TA for CS 1440, and as a CS Coach. I now work as the Computer Science Coaching Lab Manager, and also am the President of the USU Software Development Workshop. In my free time, I enjoy to listen to and play music (I mostly play guitar, but do play other instruments and sing), solve problems, tinker with my computer, learn, as well as help others.

Jaxton's Advice to USU Students:

"Take advantage of every learning opportunity around you. You're here for more than a degree: you're here for an education! Seek out all education resources within the University, such as tutors, mentors, coaches, and TAs. There's many great resources to assist you in your success. Stay safe, stay healthy, care about one another, and keep on keepin' on!"

Heather Hall - VP of Service

Major: Human Biology

Minors: Chemistry

Utah State has been an excellent choice in school due to the amazing opportunities it has provided me thus far. I chose to major in Human Biology so that in a couple of years I will be able to continue my education in DO school and become a pediatrician. I am currently a member of the USU Women's Club Volleyball team, a Science Ambassador, and I hold the position of VP of the Service committee within the science council. I love hanging out with friends and playing volleyball. I look forward to serving you within this science council. Go Aggies!

Heather's Advice to USU Students:

"My advice would be to take time for yourself. I am a firm believer that academics comes first but remember to take time every once in a while to go do something fun and relieve some stress!"

Jonathan Ashdown - Secretary

Major: Computer Science

I came to USU for the myriad of unique opportunities it offers. Whether that be research, the innate camaraderie the Aggies have, or just because it meant I got to live far away from the town I'd lived in my whole life. A relative gave me some game making software when I was young, and ever since then I've enjoyed everything the world of computer science has had to offer. I was incredibly excited to join the Aggie family and major in the field, and when my time at USU is up, I hope to use that knowledge to move into the aerospace sector, and help advance humanity's presence in space. I enjoy cooking, reading, writing, video editing, computer repair, and taking nice relaxing walks outside. I've been fortunate this year to be involved in so many things and serving in this council is no exception.

Jonathan's Advice to USU Students:

"'Imposter Syndrome' sucks! Don't get caught in it! Whether you're in a class dedicated to your major or applying to be a part of a club or organization, you'd be surprised at how qualified you are and how many things you can get accepted into."

Kai Nethercott

Major: Human Biology

Minors: Chinese, Chemistry 

Having grown up in Cache Valley, Utah State has always been close to home. I love Logan and the fun and exciting atmosphere it brings. I chose to study human biology in preparation for achieving my life long dream of becoming a physician. I also love learning about the human body and how it works. In my free time I enjoy playing the piano, cello, and organ. I also love to play sports and basketball is my favorite. I have worked as a tutor in the biology and chemistry department and  research in Dr. Jackson's lab in the biochemistry department. 

Kai's Advice to USU Students

"Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. The more you push yourself to get involved in new things the more you will be able to grow and learn as a student. Burnout is also a real thing, find healthy activities that will allow you to decompress after a challenging day. This will help keep you motivated and stay on track to obtain your career goals. "

Nicholas Hill

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Spanish

I have been a proud USU Aggie for the last three years.  I am from Saint George, Utah and decided to attend USU because of the awesome Aggie family that exists here, along with so many fun things to do like go to basketball games.  I love sports and spending time outdoors, especially doing things like skiing, mountain biking, trail running, playing basketball and pickle ball.  My goal is to enter medical school and become some kind of doctor, possibly a neurologist or anesthesiologist, or anything where I can always be involved with science and make a difference in other peoples' lives.  I have loved my undergraduate degree of biochemistry, it's so rad.  I work as a research technician at the Institute for Antiviral Research on campus.  It has been super cool to be involved with something important on campus, and be involved with extremely relevant science including research with SARS-CoV 2.  

Nicholas's Advice to USU Students

"Take your college experience one day at a time.  Don't worry too much about everything you want to do all at once.  Make a constant effort to be involved, meet new people, network, etc.  As time passes, doors will open, and you will find the opportunities you are looking for.  Don't burn yourself out in one semeste.  Balance in all things!"

Daxton Kennington

Major: Human Biology

I made the decision to attend USU for multiple reasons.  The first of these reasons being that I grew up going to USU football and basketball games and have loved this school my whole life.  As I got older, I recognized that USU will give me amazing opportunities to educate myself, make friends, and work towards my goal of going to medical school and eventually becoming a physician.  When I have free time I enjoy riding my bike in the warmer months and skiing in the winter months.  I also really enjoy linguistics and I am focused on learning French, Spanish, and Italian.  

Daxton's Advice to USU Students

"I think it is important for all students to understand that everything requires hard work. Throughout high school I wasn't a great student but I was able to turn my grades around when I started college and I have gotten much better grades since I dedicated myself to working hard."

Spencer Havens

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

I study biology because I am obsessed with life. Biology is fascinating and has had a place in my life ever since I took my first biology class my freshman year. My goal is to become an associate professor in biology for a university. In 2022 I'll be joining a lab at University of Louisiana at Lafayette to earn a MS and a PhD studying neotropical freshwater fishes. I've previously been a TA for both organic and general chemistry and this year I'm working as a TA in ecology. I also work on projects as an undergraduate researcher at the Institute for Antiviral Research. 

Spencer's Advice to USU Students

"Make the most of college. You only get to be an undergrad once. If an opportunity sounds worthwhile, do it. I wasted so much of my undergrad working meaningless jobs and avoiding things because I didn't want to overcommit myself. Don't do that, do great things instead."

Jens Fillmore

Major: Human Biology

Choosing to come to USU is helping me achieve my lifelong goal of becoming a practicing physician. Studying in the College of Science has taught me so much about the world in which we live. I have found many opportunities at USU and around Logan, UT to pursue my hobbies and academic goals. I love to be outdoors and play all sports. I am involved in research and active in Utah State's club community.

Jens's Advice to USU Students

"Spend a little time each day doing something you love regardless of how "productive" it is. You will be much happier for it."

David Rollo

Major: Computational Mathematics

I came to USU deciding between a computer science or a mathematics degree -- I compromised with computational math. I enjoy learning about all scientific disciplines and served this summer with the AmeriCorps Utah STEM Initiative teaching engaging educational activities to children at the local Boys and Girls Club. I also enjoy hiking, reading, and baking/eating desserts.

David's Advice to USU Students

"Don't be afraid to reach out to your professors, especially if you are interested in their field or learning more about certain topics."

Seth Wilcox

Major: Physics

Minors: Electrical Engineering and Spanish

I chose to attend Utah State because of its amazing campus that, for me, is close to home. Since then I have learned of the many opportunities and resources it offers to its students. I chose to study physics because I love the way it applies to everything around us. In addition to studying, I also play ultimate frisbee and basketball. I am currently an electrical tech on campus as well as a recitation leader for the math department.

Seth's Advice to USU Students

"The biggest piece of advice I could give to Utah State students is to go all in. The college experience, and particularly the one given by Utah State, values the students who give their work and activities their all. We only get to be college students for a few years, so give everything you’ve got each and every day and you’ll never regret it."

Benjamin Bradshaw

Majors: Physics and Computational Math

Minor: Computer Science

I am a Math and Physics Major here at USU with a CS Minor. Basically if you can't find me in a classroom you'll find me in the library doing homework. It is a lot of work, but I really do enjoy my programs thoroughly. I attended Utah State because of the location. I love how accessable the mountains are. In my free time I like to hike in the canyon, play pick up basketball or play board games with friends, but I am always open to try something new.

Benjamin's Advice to USU Students

"Get involved as soon as you can. The more experiences you have and the more people you meet, the better prepared you will be for the future. Don't forget to have fun!"

Alynne Havens

Major: Mathematics Applied Emphasis

Minor: Statistics

Even though I grew up on the east coast, I chose USU because I loved the atmosphere of campus and was very impressed with the research opportunities available to undergraduates. I ended up as an Applied Math major because I couldn't decide on just one branch of science, and math has allowed me to become involved in many scientific disciplines. In the future, I hope to pursue a PhD and do research in ecology and conservation biology. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling when I can, baking, and embroidery. Currently, I am involved in undergraduate research in the Biology department in the Seedscape Ecology lab. I am studying how to improve mathematical models of plant migration by incorporating animal behavior and randomness in the environment to a current model. In previous years, I have been very involved in the AMLC as a tutor and have also been a recitation leader for some math classes. If you ever need help with math, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm very excited to be a part of the Science Council this year and am eager to hear suggestions of how we can improve our College. 

Alynne's Advice to USU Students

"Whatever you decide to study, follow what inspires you. Don't be afraid to take a class, join a club, or get involved in a research project if it sounds interesting to you. You never know what will end up changing your life!"

Shylee Oler

Major: Computer Science

I am a first generation college student who grew up in a small town in Idaho. In my free time, I love to hike, make jewelry, and practice yoga. I decided to attend USU because it felt like home when I first stepped on campus and the people were very welcoming. I am studying computer science because it is a challenging and rewarding subject. I have always been fascinated with computers and love figuring out how things work. My goal after graduation is to become a software engineer.

Shylee's Advice to USU Students

"Don't be afraid to get involved and put yourself out there. Just make sure you learn to balance work and play"

Danielle Weinerman

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: American Sign Language

I chose to come to Utah State because of the supportive environment. I feel that this school encourages students’ success in their personal and professional lives by providing a wide variety of events and educational opportunities. The beautiful campus is a nice perk as well! This is my second to last semester here at USU. I am studying Biochemistry and pursuing a minor in American Sign Language. I have been an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Joanie Hevel’s lab and in Dr. Frank Messina’s lab. In the future, I would like to go into the field of medical research. A few of my hobbies include dancing, playing the viola, and making crafts. I also love spending time with my friends and family, playing games, and being outside. I hope that together we can make this a great and safe year!

Danielle's Advice to USU Students

"Find good friends! Ones that will support you in finding balance between school and fun. Have homework and study parties with them - you can work hard together and then they’re right there when it’s time for a break."

Sicily Clay

Major: Human Biology

I’m thrilled to be here at Utah State surrounded by so many different opportunities and great people! There are plenty of reasons why I chose to attend this university, some being: the beautiful campus, the incredible research opportunities, and the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation and are still in practice today. Science has always intrigued me and I enjoy learning everything there is to know about the world we live in. I am planning to use my degree in human biology to further my education by attending medical or dental school and am currently leaning towards dentistry. Some things I enjoy doing in my free time are skiing, playing the violin, hiking, and singing along to music in the car.

Sicily's Advice to USU Students

Learn how to manage your time effectively so you have a balance between academics and other activities. Make a detailed schedule and then stick to that schedule even when it’s difficult; but, remember to give yourself some flexibility with your time because nobody is perfect and life happens. College is a time to grow and develop into who you want to be, so be bold and try to get out of your comfort zone as much as possible.