College of Science Student Council

The college’s Science Council is a group of dedicated student volunteers, who strive to provide enriching activities and opportunities for all Aggie science students. Led by the college’s student-elected USU Student Association senator, the council plans the college’s annual “Science Week” featuring campus-wide activities, as well as events throughout the year.

The council organizes networking events to encourage current students to meet with college alumni, along with academic-enriching workshops to improve study skills and social events aimed at integrating new students into college life. In addition, the council conducts service events, including the annual “Stuff-a-Bus” food drive benefiting USU’s Student Nutrition Access Center and the Cache Community Food Pantry.


Gabriella Cale, Senator

Gabriella Cale

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Having grown up in Logan, I always planned on attending USU. That being said, I have had such an amazing university experience. I am pursuing a degree in Biology due to my innate interest in evolution. My goal is to become a professor of the subject and to research the evolution of skull morphology in extinct and extant vertebrate species. Alongside my degree, I am an undergraduate researcher and treasurer of the entomology. Outside of school, I love to read, ski, camp, hike, and travel.

Gabriella's Advice to USU Students:

"My advice to USU students is to get involved in any and all ways, while keeping care to not get overwhelmed. Although I have learned so much in my courses, I have also learned and acquired skills from activities outside of the classroom."

Mason Francis, President

Mason Francis

Major: Computer Science

This is my first year as an Aggie and I’m so excited to be here and serve the College of Science as the Science Council President! Up until now I’ve been a T-Bird at Southern Utah University. I’ve spent a lot of my academic career striving to help students as a club leader and Student Senator at SUU, and I’m hyped to continue doing that at Utah State because serving students is one of my top favorite things. In addition to Science Council President I’m also serving on the USUSA President’s Cabinet as the Public Safety Director, and as the Student Development Director in the ASPIRE Student Association. I’m studying Computer Science with a plan to go into software engineering in the automotive industry. In my free time I like to be outside, chill with friends, do computer stuff, and go on drives for fun.

Mason's Advice to USU Students:

"The most important advice I could give is to make sure to have fun while you’re in college. You’re only in this part of your life once, so make the most of it. Yes, it’s important to prepare for your future by studying, getting experience, and networking with professionals, it’s also important to make sure you live your life right now so you don’t regret it later."

Brandon Hammond

Brandon Hammond

Major: Biochemistry

Minors: Mathematics

I came into college knowing I loved science and math and then slowly discovered a passion for chemistry and biology, so I started studying biochemistry. My current goal is to become a PA joining the medical field, but am also considering pursuing graduate studies in biochemistry. I love learning new things and constantly strive to challenge myself. I have worked an an undergraduate lab assistant and am now working as an organic chemistry UTF. I also am the Vice President for the jump rope club and am looking forward to an amazing school year.

Brandon's Advice to USU Students:

"My main recommendation is to find time to have fun. Find something you like doing and do it. If you can find friends to do it with you it makes it even better!"

Sara Prettyman

Sara Prettyman

Major: Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Statistics

Minors: American Sign Language

I decided to come to Utah State due to the proximity to my family and a competitive scholarship. I chose mathematics specifically due to how much it changes the way I see the world, for the better. It has made me better at creating logical arguments, and allow me to act without bias which are two things I hadn't anticipated. My goal is to one day work as an analyst for a global organization such as the United Nations. When I first came to USU I was a part of the Series Committee and Student Media. I am currently a College of Science Ambassador, a director in the Government Relations Council, and the Vice President of the Data Science Club. Outside of my classes, I enjoy skateboarding, running, and spending time with friends.

Sara's Advice to USU Students:

"There is no thing such as being "too" involved at USU. Every club, job, or committee is an opportunity for growth as well as figuring out what you truly want to do in the future. Courses are great for learning, while extracurriculars are great for applying what you've learn and seeing if it is what you'd like to do for your career."

Joe Halling

Joe Halling

Major: Biochemistry

Minors: Biology, Psychology, German

I grew up in Cache Valley and my parents both teach at USU. My dad is the Department Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering and my mom is an instructor also in the College of Engineering. On top of that, all my siblings have gone to USU. So growing up, I was basically indoctrinated (in a good way) to love USU. All of that, plus the scholarships I was able to get, made it an easy decision for me. I love playing lacrosse, skiing, eating, movies, traveling and hanging out with my friends. I am majoring in Biochem because I love the sciences and is a very useful major to get into future professional schools. I am a TA for a German Course and a UTF for Chem 2310 (OChem 1). I am also a College of Science Ambassador and the Lab Manager/Lab Tech for Yu Huang's Biomedical Tissue Engineering Lab.

Joe's Advice to USU Students:

"Get involved and enjoy hanging out with friends. However, don't waste your first year. Make sure you stay on top of your grades and do well. It's harder to dig yourself out of a hole created in your first year. Enjoy every moment. #gwaggies."

Megan Sparks

Kaden Bunch

Major: Biology (Human Biology Emphasis)

Minors: Chemistry, Music, and Mental Health Advocacy and Awareness

I decided to come to USU after I went on a tour of the campus and I fell in love with it. USU has such a welcoming environment and I knew that if I came here, there were many opportunities to get involved with research and student life. I chose to study Biology because I have always been interested in the life sciences. My goal is to go to medical school after I graduate in the hopes of becoming a surgeon. I am part of USUSA's Student Events Committees, I am a TA for Human Anatomy and Human Dissection, and I have done research in three different labs on campus. Outside of school, I love to read books, watch movies, play games, go fishing, and do anything that involves being outside.

Megan's Advice to USU Students:

"The advice I would give to students is to not be afraid to ask for help! Professors, TAs, staff, and many others at USU want to help you achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to try new things and get involved with things that are out of your comfort zone!"

Diana Felipe

Diana Felipe

Major: Math/Statistics Composite

If you would have told me in high school that I would be majoring in math and statistics, I would have been completely shocked, maybe disgusted. Math was my least favorite subject but that evidently changed once I got to college. Ever since I took my first statistics class my freshman year of college, I have been intrigued by the field of statistics. It’s incredible how applicable statistics is and how scientists make inferences and great discoveries through it. I love how math and statistics have given me a unique perspective on life as well as challenged me to think creatively and unconventionally. I enjoy working my way through challenging problems and there is absolutely nothing like the feeling you get when you have solved a problem! My long term goal is to become a biostatistician. I love helping others and have thoroughly enjoyed working as a recitation leader and grader for the AMLC. I have been involved with the Inclusion Center, particularly the Latinx Student Union. I'm also a council member for the Association for Women in Math club on campus! My hobbies include reading, hiking, and painting.

Diana's Advice to USU Students:

"If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to get out of my comfort zone and get involved in anything I can! I believe involvement is very important and can have a huge impact on your college experience. Without my involvement in clubs on campus, college would be quite bleak and bland. Being involved really helps with making friends and connections with staff and faculty. In regards to academics, I would say that there is no shame in asking for help. There are a number of resources available to help students through difficult courses. Don't be afraid to reach out for help!"