7 p.m. in the Emert Auditorium (Room 130) of the Eccles Science Learning Center on the USU campus. (For directions, click here.)


Chad Mano,

assistant professor, Department of Computer Science

Utah State University


"Have We Created a Monster? The Internet's 'Good, Bad and Ugly'"

Think about the introduction of the automobile, the television, the cell phone and each of their impacts on society... While each brought advantages, they also brought disadvantages.

The Internet or "World Wide Web"is a similar example. Initially designed by computer scientists to enable the U.S. Military to quickly share vital information, the Internet has revolutionized how we communicate. Through such innovations as email and Facebook, we can get in touch with friends and family almost anywhere in the world. At the touch of a keyboard, we can access information on most any subject we can think of.

But the Web has its downsides: In the online society we've built, we haven't left behind the problems of society in general. We've learned that our participation in a virtual society can make us very vulnerable.

Join USU computer scientist Chad Mano on Friday, Sept. 24th, as he discusses the "good, bad and ugly" of the World Wide Web and gets us thinking about this brave new world we've created. Following Dr. Mano's talk, enjoy hands-on activities, including taking a computer apart and learning about Internet safety. Free refreshments will be served. 

Admission is free and open to all ages. Don't miss the fun!