Kalyn Shorthill - January 2022 & 2022 Employee of the Year

May 1, 2023
Lauri Merrill
Kalyn Shorthill January 2022 Employee of the Month
& 2022 Employee of the Year

Kalyn Shorthill, Administrative Assistant for the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (CAAS) Student Services team, has been selected as Utah State University's January 2022 Employee of the Month. She was also selected as the 2022 Employee of the Year by the SEA membership and honored during the May 2023 SEA Appreciation Extravaganzas!

Nominated by Caisa Shoop, she noted her critical role as the first person students come in contact with when they meet with their advisor. "She helps them feel welcome and wanted in our office while also helping ensure that they are meeting with the best person to answer their questions. She can often be found calling different offices and departments on campus to help students gain access to information and valuable resources."

"Kalyn is the glue that keeps our office going and is always looking for more ways to serve those around her. She frequently helps alleviate pressure on advisors, faculty, and upper administration in the college by finding ways to help streamline processes and paperwork." This included finding a way to streamline getting signatures that saved time chasing people down and saved paper!

Congratulations Kalyn on a recognition well-deserved and thank you for all you do for the students, staff, and faculty in our Aggie family!