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USU’s Amnesty Policy 

The health and safety of every student in the campus community is our primary concern. We realize that a student who has been drinking or using drugs, and is then either a victim of violence or witnesses a violent act against another person, may be hesitant to report the incident out of fear of being punished for their own conduct.

To ensure students seek immediate medical attention or law enforcement assistance for themselves or for another, USU offers amnesty for drug and alcohol student code violations.

If you seek medical attention for yourself or another person or report an incident of sexual misconduct to the Title IX office, in good faith, you will not be subject to disciplinary action for a separate university policy violation, such as underage drinking.

Read the full amnesty policy in USU’s Student Code, article II, section II-4.

USU Police also follow this amnesty practice, but USU policy cannot grant amnesty for criminal, civil or legal consequences of violating federal, state or local law.