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Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus

In fall 2017, Utah State University implemented a comprehensive sexual violence prevention strategy, which was recommended by the university's sexual violence prevention, education and training working group. With this strategy, we seek to prevent sexual assault and rape as well as help victims feel more comfortable coming forward to report a sexual assault or rape.

Mandatory Completion of Sexual Assault Awareness Course 

All first-year undergraduate and graduate students are required to complete a sexual assault awareness training in the first few months of their first semester. This training addresses the critical issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment. First-year undergraduates are also required to complete another online program that aims to reduce underage drinking and at-risk drinking behavior. Students who do not complete the sexual assault awareness course have a hold placed on their accounts, preventing them from registering for future semesters. USU had previously offered the course to new students, but adding a "hard mandate" drove participation by new students up to 96% in fall 2017.

Upstanding Bystander Intervention Training

USU implemented a campus-wide bystander intervention training program across campus designed to empower students to step in and help other members of the campus community. This program, “Upstanding: Stepping Up to Prevent Violence in Utah,” targets student leaders, student-athletes, those living in on-campus housing, Residence Life staff, members of Greek life organizations and members of sexual minorities. USU is piloting this training for the Utah Department of Health, which created it through its Violence and Injury Prevention Program. More than 20 students, staff and faculty have been trained to teach the course.
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Education About Sexual Consent

USU continues to educate the campus community about sexual consent through digital marketing and posters across campus. All 2,000+ first-year students taking the freshman orientation class, Connections, received education about consent along with an introduction to the bystander intervention training.

Consent workshops are offered by the Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information office and by the Title IX prevention specialist. Workshops are available upon request for student clubs or groups, classes, or for staff and faculty who want to better understand USU policy.
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