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Task Force Working Groups

In late 2016, USU formed a series of committees and working groups to improve the university’s efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence in our campus community. Each working group is comprised of both subject-matter experts with expertise specific to assigned working groups as well as a diverse mix of individual representatives from across our campus-constituent groups.

The Sexual Violence Task Force is chaired by USU President Noelle Cockett and is responsible for an overarching strategic plan to address and prevent sexual violence in our campus community. It receives recommendations from and provides guidance to the working groups mentioned below. 

Prevention, Education and Training Working Group

This group develops and recommends a comprehensive sexual assault prevention strategy.  bystander training, student education and other training and outreach efforts. Chaired by Dr. Mike Twohig, associate professor in the psychology department, this group operates on as-needed, and made recommendations for a prevention strategy in April 2017.

USU has implemented all the recommendations made in the report linked below. Learn more.

Policy and Process Working Group

This group is responsible for revising sexual misconduct policies and processes to reflect current national best practices in accordance with state and national laws. Chaired by Mica McKinney, university counsel.

Campus Climate and Survey Working Group

This group develops an ongoing campus climate survey and other efforts to assess campus attitudes and knowledge of issues related to sexual assault. Chaired by Michael Torrens, director of the USU Office of Analysis, Assessment and Accreditation. USU implemented a campus climate survey on sexual misconduct in April 2017, with results published in September 2017. 

Implementation and Coordinating Committee

This committee is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of Title IX policies, prevention education and training, and compliance efforts. It includes staff from across campus units who directly serve students, including the Title IX office, Student Conduct, victim resource services, USU Police, Housing and Residence Life, and Student Involvement, among others.