Terms of Agreement

  1. You must be a USU student, staff, or faculty member to visit SNAC. If you are an alum, you are not allowed to use the SNAC pantry.
  2. Patrons are allowed to visit SNAC once per week as needed.
  3. Upon entry, you are required to swipe your USU ID. This allows us to track information for reporting and funding purposes and is not used to identify individual patrons.
  4. Please only take one of each item unless otherwise specified.
  5. Please do not stockpile or sell the food you receive from the pantry.
  6. The food here can be expired; to learn more abourt expired food, visit the Utah Food Bank for information about Safe Food Donation and General Consumption Guidelines.
  7. If you have dependent children that you are also seeking food for, we ask that you attend the Cache Community Food Pantry, where they will be able to assist based on family size rather than USU A#.
  8. The bread and pastries are from local bakeries and are at least a day old. This bread contains little to no preservatives, like the kind you would find at the grocery store, so we suggest ensuring there is no mold, freezing it in portions, and taking it out of the freezer as needed.
  9. As SNAC patrons, you will be sent a survey each semester and emails occasionally.
  10. Please be courteous to all SNAC staff, volunteers, and patrons through respectful language, waiting your turn in line and the pantry (no cutting) and respecting the space between patrons.
  11. We suggest applying for the Supplemental Nutrition Access Program, or SNAP, if you need long-term assistance.
    1. See if you are eligible: https://apply.mrelief.com/
    2. See how much you may receive each month: https://www.utah.org/get-help/calculator
    3. Apply: https://jobs.utah.gov/mycase/
  12. If you have concerns, please email snac@usu.edu.
    • By signing this form, I acknowledge that the food I receive from the Student Nutrition Access Center is donated, sorted, and packaged by volunteers.
    • I also recognize that there may be some foods present that may be past the expiration date, and it is my choice to use them or not.
    • Therefore, I release the Student Nutrition Access Center, its volunteers, community partners, and any donor from any claim associated with the products provided to me.