Notification of Leave

Notification of Leave Checklist

Checkbox  Policies: Understand that you are able to pause your studies for up to three years without reapplying, unless you withdrew from USU, or if academic suspension or graduation occurred at the conclusion of the previous semester. Submitting a Notification of Leave simply lets USU know when you plan to return. If your plans change, submit a new notification or email with your updated plans.

Checkbox  Scholarships: Ensure your scholarships are able to be put on hold for the amount of time you plan to be gone, and review requirements associated with your scholarship so you can stay eligible.

Checkbox  Financial Aid: Understand how taking a leave might impact your federal financial aid (aid received by completing the FAFSA) and student loans. Visit with your financial aid counselor prior to leaving.

Checkbox  Password: Your USU password may expire while you are away. Know the answers to your challenge questions and make sure your recovery email is up-to-date so you can retrieve an expired password when you return.

Checkbox  USU Email: All official communications will go to your USU email account ( while you are away, so you should check it regularly for updates.

Checkbox  Security Phrase: Create a phrase that you can use to identify yourself if you call to conduct business over the phone

Checkbox   Designate a Delegate: If needed, set up a delegate and give him or her a copy of your information. Your delegate should be able to access your USU email if you will not be checking it regularly. You can add delegates on Sign-in and then click "Delegates" on the left menu.

Checkbox  Reminders: Set reminders on your calender so you are aware of the dates for registering for classes upon your return (typically April for summer semester, May for fall semester, and November for spring semester).

Checkbox  Registration Plan: Create a plan in Degree Works so you can easily register when you return.

Checkbox  Drop or Withdraw from Courses If Needed: You will need to drop or withdraw from any courses you will no longer attend, as this is not done automatically. Refer to the semester registration calendar in the Catalog to see relevant drop, withdraw, and refund deadlines. If you have already paid your tuition, and you are within the refund deadline, you will receive a refund.

You can drop a course before 20 percent of the course is completed without any notation on your transcript, and with a full tuition refund. Check the registration calendar in the catalog for exact dates. It's important to note that some classes are shorter than the full semester, often 7-weeks, so they have earlier drop and refund deadlines according to how long they are.

If you withdraw from a course when 20-60 percent of it has been completed, the class will remain on your transcript, and you will receive a 'W' notation instead of a grade, indicating the registration status of 'withdrawn.' You will not qualify for a tuition refund.

You cannot drop or withdraw from a class after 60 percent of it has passed. Your classes for the current semester will remain on your transcript, along with the grades you ultimately earn in those classes. If you have an extenuating circumstance, you can file a petition (called an Academic Record Adjustment) and ask a committee review your situation.

Checkbox Things To Remember: 

  • A-Number
  • Strong Password
  • Challenge Question Answers
  • USU Email
  • Recovery Email
  • Security Phrase
  • Leave Semester
  • Return Semester

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