Marketing and Communications 

The Division of Student Affairs and DEI marketing and communciation is committed to connect students to the wellness, involvement, and DEI resources and services when they need them. 

Student Affairs & DEI Marketing and Communications Director

The Marketing and Communications Director is an active member on three teams: The Division of Student Affairs, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and University Marketing and Communications (UMAC). This position manages the relationship between the division, departments, and UMAC. The director does this by communicating and strategizing marketing and communication needs and goals with departments, then planning and collaborating with UMAC experts to accomplish and provide marketing and communication materials. 

Marketing and Communication Services

The Creative Process

UMAC is comprised of experts ranging from copy, design, video, social media, digital, communications, and trademark. When there is a project request for collaboration between a department and UMAC, the director follows UMAC's creative process:  


Action Plan

Strategizes goals, key messages, audiences, channels and creates an action plan with the project or campaign requester/department.


Works with copywriter, PR specialist, or crisis comms to write and refine the copy and content of materials. 


The designer or videographer take the copy and create the content for the specified channels. 

Client Revision and Approval

Draft one of the materials is shared with the client for their review and approval. The client sends back any revisions or their approval. To keep this step short and efficient, please be thorough and include all requested revisions at once to cut down on the time it takes to get you the final product and materials in your hand. We provide two rounds of edits. The fewer versions and drafts, the sooner you get your materials. Please be respectful of our design and video teams' time. 

Publication and Distribution 

Once the client has confirmed approval for the materials, the promotions will be ordered and distributed through the appropriate channels. Printed materials will be sent to the client for their distribution across campus.   


Marketing and Communication Resources


At this time, the services and creation of promotions are at no cost to you.

Departments are responsible for printing costs for print materials, swag items, and distribution of digital and social media ads. Video requests, depending on the audience and message, may be directed to other USU entities that may cost for the services they provide. 


Please contact the Student Affairs and DEI Marketing and Communications Director,